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Phi Phi Island Nightlife | Whatís on right now on Phi Phi Island
Ibiza Bar After Sunset Loh Dalum Beach

Once you are done with Phi Phi's day-time activities, you just donít feel like going indoors and relaxing. You will ask yourself, ďWhatís on right now?Ē If you want to see Phi Phi nightlife at its best, thereís lot in store for you.

You can dine to your heartís content at the various seafood restaurants, and fast street food. Thai or Italian, seafood or barbecue, you can choose your pick. You can buy some cheap croissants at the Phi Phi bakery, and also watch a movie there while enjoying your snack. You can also get an invigorating massage at one of the many massage parlors. The traditional Thai massage is 5 Euros for the hour which is wonderful value. You can shop for silver jewelry created in the Province of Nakhorn Si Thammarat, buy semi-precious stones, necklaces and bracelets.

Still asking, “What’s on right now?” As the sun sets, Phi Phi slowly transforms into a party island. A quick refreshing shower and the Phi Phi night life calls you. Once you are caught in the groove of Phi Phi, there’s no returning home until the early hours of the morning! The whole atmosphere is hypnotizing. A bird’s eye view makes the Tonsai Bay look amazing with its innumerable lights at the beach front and its network of lit-up streets.

Well-known bars on Phi Phi

The Swedish tourists prefer Carlitos Bar, a place where you can spend time in the sand, listening to slow music as you down a good drink. If you want loud music, Apache Bar is the one for you head for. The Deco Bar has some soft music playing as you can sit on its balcony and chat with your friends. Another place with good music is the Sunflower bar where you can sit on the beach and chill out.

Phi Phi Nightlife at it's best.

If you want to see Phi Phi nightlife at its best, you can head to the Reggae Bar Complex. It is Phi Phi’s biggest night attraction. It is an open air bar and also has pool tables to keep the party-goer busy. At the centre is a Thai boxing ring. Watching Thai boxers display their homed skills as you enjoy your favorite drink is matchless. Also, after helping make the movie Dirty Sanchez, the Reggae Bar owners got on the idea that it would be fun to ask the audience to get in the ring and box against there friends...!! This may not sound like fun to you but it is an amazing show to watch and happens every night.

Off course, don’t miss the fire show at the Hippy Bar, or you will miss another Phi Phi nightlife at its best. See the swirling flames down by the beach and get hypnotized as the fire burns patterns in your eyes and imagination.

The Dojo Bar is a great early evening bar to hang out in the street in the Phi Phi Don Village and find out what's happening. It is here the Phi Phi Party Crew meet up to organize their mad dance trips on the water.

Down by the pier the Cancun Bar that looks so calm in the day but then turns into an all nighter on the sandy beach with dancing till you drop.

More recently Slinky Beach Bar is the place to go for those dance nights down by the beach. Loh Dalum is the perfect place to enjoy those dance nights in the sand, real perfection.

Phi Phi nudity and girlie bars.

It is often thought that Thai nightlife is synonymous with sleaze; but Phi Phi is one of those places where nudity is banned and there are no girlie bars as the inhabitants are primarily from an easy going Muslim but traditional community.

The Phi Phi Don is the only inhabited island, and its town the Tonsai Bay has today become a haven for tourists from all over the world. Although Tonsai Bay has no cars or bikes, it has the most modern infrastructure that can cater to the needs of the vacationer. No other place on earth has so many things happening in such a small area.

Last Updated: 28 May 2012

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