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Ibiza Bar on Phi Phi Island

Nightlife, Koh Phi Phi
Ibiza Bar After Sunset Loh Dalum Beach

The Ibiza bar on Phi Phi Island has got itself a very famous in the last high season as the place to be when all other bars are starting to fade. The Ibiza bar is right down on the beach, the famous Loh Dalum beach where every one hangs out during the day.

If you go there after dark say around 9.30pm, you can catch the fire show and this gets the evening going. Local guys twirl flamed torches that blur in the pitch black night and create dizzyingly beautiful shapes and the colours of fire. They make those pina colada go down so well!

However it is later on that the Ibiza bar kicks into a higher gear as many of the great pubs and clubs and bars in the main Phi Phi village close. The Ibiza bar is then the place to come and dance and let your hair down on the beach. This is a really cool joint and the tunes go on all night.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011