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Phi Phi bars and nightlife

Nightlife, Koh Phi Phi
The best Phi Phi Reggae Bar sign on the net

The nightlife on Phi Phi Island is really special! There is something special about the sunset in the tropics. It screams, "pass me a cocktail" and give me the best view you've got.

Some of the bars down on the Phi Phi beaches have that classic laid back feel especially on Long Beach, Carpe Diem near Phi Phi Villa Resort and Phi Phi View Point bar.

Eating is varied and special on Phi Phi islands and some of the best restaurants are in the village. The dress is informal at best with many cruising around with same beach clothes makes it very relaxing. The more you like to dress up the more you will want to make your way in to the village.

In Laem Tong, the Holiday Inn Phi Phi and Zeavola Resort Phi Phi are more formal.

The bars at night can be wild. There is something on the island which makes for a regular New Year Eve feeling and the nights are brilliant.

Watch out for the fliers handed out to announce parties and or check out the Phi Phi forum on this website.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011