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Phi Phi Reggae Bar Fight nights

Nightlife, Koh Phi Phi
 Reggae Bar Fight Nights From The Balcony

The Reggae Bar has been pulling in huge crowds for many years before 2000 and although there are many other fine bars in town the Reggae Bar always has something special going on. It doesn't matter what you do in the evening you must always check out the action on Muay Thai Boxing night.

The local Muay Thai fighters compete each night with visiting boxers and the atmosphere is electric. This is real sweat and tears the arena effect of the Reggae Bar makes for a cauldron of sound.

The Reggae Bar has a popular spot during the evening where spectators are invited to climb into the ring and box each other...! This may seem barbaric to some but it is magnificent entertainment and such is the competitiveness that people flock here to add some spice to their evening.

The dance floor gets going by DJ Wit shortly before the Boxing finishes and some of the nights up at the Reggae Bar are unforgettable brilliant.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011