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The Dojo on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Nightlife | The Dojo is at the heart of Phi Phi Nightlife
Blue Lights At The Velvet Dogo

The smart up town Velvet Dojo is one of the favourite night spots on Phi Phi Don Island. The cool mix of ambient music, the laid back and stylish retro 70's kung fu and modern decor suite all dress senses and is popular in the village.

Most nights on Phi Phi Island have a party night feel but The Dojo adds color and dash. The eclectic mix of the Bruce Lee imagery, the sexy bar, and the big up town decor is unique... the Velvet Dojo an automatic favorite for those who live and work on the island and enjoy Phi Phi nightlife.

Most nights get going in the afternoon as people stop in for a drink after a hard day on the beach or maybe a diving course or playing in the reefs off Maya Bay. The atmosphere is happy and content, a day worth living. As the crowds gather for their pre meal drink the Velvet Dojo warms up and starts to buzz.

The Dojo has glamour and few if any other joints in Phi Phi Don Village have anything remotely close. Holidaymakers feel comfortable dressed in their best and yet being open to the street it still feels okay to come in a T shirt.

Most recently the Phi Phi Party Crew has been organizing dance drinking, swimming tours on the good ship Shangri-La out to the reefs on Phi Phi Ley. These brilliant adventure might include cliff jumping kayaking and or snorkeling or just hanging out. These trips can be organized at The Dojo. The Dojo is often the preferred hang out after the Shangri-La Returns ashore.

The Dojo drinks and bar menu

The Dojo drinks range from the usual suspects to the more outrageous cocktails, names I fear to print in case I offend! Prices match the ambiance kindly, may be 10 baht higher than some other bars but certainly nothing to make you feel uncomfortable.

The bar menu provides a range of food equal to the setting and many now prefer to eat in rather than lose their places in this popular bar.

The Dojo Bar location on Phi Phi

You can find The Dojo by aiming for Phi Phi Palmtree Resort in the main Phi Phi Don Village. When you are facing the entrance of the resort turn right and then left and you are there in 60 meters, you can miss it.

Last Updated: 31 May 2012

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