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The White Guesthouse

The White Guesthouse (The White 1 and The White 2) has 3 sites in the new village of clean, smart and white rooms...

Guest Rating: Very Good



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Kinnaree House

Small guest house located in the new Bazaar at the heart of the village; located centrally just a few steps away from both Phi Phi beaches.

Guest Rating: Poor



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PP Palmtree Resort

Central to the main village, smart, good value with a fun pool and water features.

Guest Rating: Very Good



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Menu Of The Velvet Dogo 2

The Dojo on Phi Phi Island

Last Updated: 31 May 2012

The smart up town Velvet Dojo is one of the favourite night spots on Phi Phi Don Island. The cool mix of ambient music, the laid back and stylish retro 70's kung fu and modern decor suite all dress senses and is popular in the village.... read more.

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Velvet Dojo Phi Phi In June



Gallery Photos
Velvet Dojo Phi Phi bar In The Evening
Velvet Dogo Film Night on Phi Phi Island
Drinking At The Phi Phi Velvet Dojo
Nick Enjoying The Bar At The Velvet Dogo
Was this Brianís birthday! What a night at the Velvet Dojo on Phi Phi Phi Phi . The mood was up the setting as always cool. I love that Bruce Lee 70ís thing they got going, it makes it feel... The Velvet Dojo is in the heart of the Phi Phi Don Village near Phi Phi Palmtree Resort , ju

Velvet Dojo On Phi Phi Island



Gallery Photos
Drinks With Friends At The Velvet Dojo
Velvet Dojo Bar on Phi Phi Island
Velvet Dojo Graphics
Velvet Dojo Mural
The Velvet Dojo took Phi Phi Island by storm ever since it arrived on the scene in 2008. Large crowds of people like to meet up here early evening to take a drink in very comfortable surroundings. The eclectic atmosphere, the smart modern design, the music, the sexy Bruce Lee bygone era ima