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Velvet Dojo on Phi Phi Island

Nightlife, Koh Phi Phi
Drinks With Friends At The Velvet Dojo

The Velvet Dojo took Phi Phi Island by storm ever since it arrived on the scene in 2008. Large crowds of people like to meet up here early evening to take a drink in very comfortable surroundings. The eclectic atmosphere, the smart modern design, the music, the sexy Bruce Lee bygone era imagery, all add to make the Velvet Dojo the place to be and be seen.

The Velvet Dojo is on a corner spot and so has a whirl of people passing all day. As the evening grows so does the atmosphere and few contradict my belief that the Velvet Dojo is the hottest place in town.

You get to the Velvet Dojo by turning right and right again out of PP Palmtree Resort entrance and walking for 50 meters.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011