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Phi Phi Island Nightlife | Entertainment and fun on Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi fire twirlers and fire dance show

The nightlife on Phi Phi Island offers an exciting array of activities with plenty of clubs and bars lighting up the entertainment scene. The Island swings with all types of music - reggae, hip hop, soul and (of course) plenty of music to dance to.

However, if clubs and bars are not part of your nightlife enjoyment agenda, then Phi Phi Island has other nighttime activities that are designed to make your evening special. They include incredible fire shows on the beach that include fire twirlers who toss and spin balls of fire through the blackness of night. Nighttime activities also include cabaret nights and Thai kick boxing exhibitions. The Phi Phi Island performers are professionals and take their crafts very seriously, and do appreciate tips after each performance.

Popular Nightlife Restaurants, Bars and Clubs on Phi Phi Island

Since Phi Phi Don is the only truly inhibited Phi Phi Island; as expected, all of the nightlife in Phi Phi Island is concentrated in Phi Phi Don. There are plenty of independent and hotel restaurants that have delectable cuisine including Mama Resto for fish and fabulous eclectic music; Le Grand Blue near the pier, for French and Thai cuisine; the Phi Phi Cabana Hotel restaurant and the wild and popular Jungle Bar. Fatties fare consists of superb northern European food (no longer their as moved to Phuket after the tsunami and HC Andersens is known for its Scandinavian fair and steaks. The Cancun Bar down by the pier has a new fish Bar B Q scene that is popular.

The nightlife lives on Phi Phi Island at the popular Reggae Bar Complex - Phi Phi Island's biggest night spot. It has five bars, pool tables and Thai boxing three nights a week. There are also Thai Boxing Nights three nights a week. Swedish tourists on Phi Phi Island love the nightlife at Carlitos - as to most Europeans. Nightlife would not be nightlife in Phi Phi Island without the sultry jazz resonating from JJ Vegetarian Café, and the nightlife can include kids at Phi Phi Island's Beach Club that has non-alcoholic drinks served right on the beach in an atmosphere that is perfect for children.

Phi Phi Nightlife

Slinky Beach Bar is the latest dance scene and this can be found on Loh Dalum beach in the main village. This has a fire show from 9pm. The Dojo Bar play cool music pre and post dinner to get you in the mood and if this isn’t enough Phi Phi Party Crew can give you an awesome tour during the day if you want to whoop it up out on the beaches.

Nightlife on the Beach Along the Bay of Phi Phi Island

Nightlife is truly a "beach" on Phi Phi Island, especial along the bay near Phi Phi Andaman Beach at the Karma Bar - where tourists can lie back, enjoy serene music on mats laid out on silky beach sand. What could make for a better nightlife than warm breezes blowing in from the Phi Phi Island shores, a glass of wine and a sky filled with brilliant stars? Nightlife is close to paradise on Phi Phi Island.

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2012

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Fire Twirlers on Phi Phi Island
Fire Twirlers on the Koh Phi Phi beach
Fire Twirlers on Koh Phi Phi
Fire Twirlers on Koh Phi Phi