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Phi Phi Island Activities | Siam UK on Koh Phi Phi

Just 70 meters from Phi Phi island pier on the main street this institution has been selling boat tickets and hotels in Phuket, Krabi, Samui and Koh Phangan further a field for the last 16 years. Siam UK was literally on the old wooden pier from 1987 until the early 90's when the second main pier was created.

History of operation on Koh Phi Phi

This started as a family business, 2 married college graduates from Ramkamhaeng University skipped their award ceremony, jumped on a long tail boat from Krabi and arrived at a pristine Phi Phi Island where well water and only 3 hours a day of electricity were the norm.

In the 1980's on Phi Phi Island, radio phones and uncertain travel infrastructure were standard but the business survived and grew as the Island became more famous and word spread that Phi Phi island was indeed paradise found with all its coral reefs and snorkeling and scuba diving.

Since these pioneer times the process of business has changed out of sight. The British management taking in new business partners on Phuket, continual training of the staff has created a travel booking service second to none on Phi Phi Island.

Present Operation

Siam UK makes reservations for ferries and speedboats, planes, hotels to all of Thailand. This service is unique in that the management has built up a relationship with it's partners for many years and this allows access top some of the best deals on Phi Phi island and the best deals on flights and hotels all over the world.

More recently this travel company has developed tours on this island that bring together some of the finest boatmen and the undoubted finest scenery and adventure with a focus on children and families. It is never easy to travel with children and at Siam UK they are fully used to dealing with all the family issues common on Phi Phi.

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010