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Kayaking around Phi Phi Island

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Malibu Two kayaks Phi Phi Island

Kayaking on Phi Phi Island: if it's not already on your must do activities list, pick up a pen and change it. Kayaking around the beaches and bays of Phi Phi is by far the best way to see Phi Phi picture perfect limestone cliffs, mangrove inlets, caves, and varied marine and bird life in an eco-friendly way.

Many companies offer canoe tours around Phi Phi Don and the neighboring islands, with tours combining kayaking, snorkeling and even shark watching!

Kayaking tours can be high energy and action packed with surging waves, caves, and blowholes, or more gentle relaxed paddling, depending on the season and the tour. Paddle during the day, visiting islands, snorkeling and swimming or take a sunset paddle and return by torchlight under the stars!

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011