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Phi Phi The Beach Resort

Peaceful hillside villas located at the most beautiful beach of Phi Phi Island with 6 star views of the ocean, white sand beach and crystal clear water. 'Excellent' and very recommended.

Guest Rating: Excellent



Hotel and Room Details
Phi Phi Hill Resort

Dramatic World class views at a budget. Quiet, simple, friendly: recommended as Very Good here and on Tripadvisor.

Guest Rating: Very Good



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Paradise Resort

Comfortable, established resort on Long Beach with rooms on the beach offering a great view of Phi Phi Ley and great snorkeling.

Guest Rating: Very Good



Hotel and Room Details
PP Blue Sky Resort

Family-run, 9 bungalow mini resort on the world famous Phi Phi Long Beach. Views to die for of Long Beach and Phi Phi Ley Island!

Guest Rating: Average



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