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Sawasdee Thai Massage Shop on Phi Phi Island

The Phi Phi Islands are an incredible destination for any traveler who is looking for paradise. The beaches are clean with crystal clear water and golden sand. The sites are sensational. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet there is plenty to do including fishing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and biking. What better way to relax after a "hard" day of fun-filled activities on the Phi Phi Island than to lay back and relax and enjoy a real Phi Phi Island massage?

Massage Parlours are everywhere on Phi Phi Tonsai village. There are several Phi Phi massage shops, and often times massages are provided as services in hotels, spas and on local beaches. They vary in prices, but most Phi Phi massages are very reasonably priced. So much so that you can try several different places until you find the right Phi Phi massage for you.

Helpful Hints About Phi Phi Island Massages

There are some helpful hints that tourists should know about before going for a Phi Phi massage. For instance, tipping is not mandatory, but those who are employed in shops, hotels and beaches where Phi Phi massages are given truly appreciated a tip for their services. Make sure that your Phi Phi massage includes a foot rub - a totally fabulous way to relax - especially after a day of exploring. Also, ask for a face massage. It may cost a bit more but totally worth it.

Anyone receiving a Phi Phi massages should make sure that they get a compete description of any treatment being given, and if a massage hurts (it should not) ask that it be stopped. There are many amateur Phi Phi Island massage givers who have yet to master the techniques. Since you may have some problems communicating with local Phi Phi masseuse, make sure that any questions or concerns that you have are communicated clearly and understood before any treatment is initiated.

Make A Phi Phi Island Massage Part of Your Itinerary

If you're plans have you traveling to Phi Phi Island, make sure that you try a traditional Phi Phi Island massage - sure to wash away any tension within in minutes and look for a trained Phi Phi massage therapist. They should have a certificate from the Wat Po Institute. End your day in paradise - the Phi Phi Islands with a relaxing and refreshing Phi Phi Island massage.

High end spas at the Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa and Zeavola offer traditional Thai Massage in luxury environment and with a more consistent and gentle touch.

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2010

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Foot massage salon on Phi Phi Island
Sawasdee Thai Massage Shop on Phi Phi Island
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