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Phi Phi Island Health | Staying healthy on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island sports are a great way to have fun while getting much-needed exercise! Holidays are a time of extravagance, good food and relaxation. But to relieve stress and work off the weight you are bound to gain, Phi Phi Island fitness centres are available to visitors around the Island. Help balance your holiday with Phi Phi Island sports and visit one of the many Phi Phi Island fitness centres to work up a sweat!

Phi Phi Island fitness centres can be found in a number of Phi Phi Island resorts. These range from the simple collection of weights in a gym to the state of the art, top of the range gym at the Phi Phi Banyan Villa. A wide variety of beach activities and Phi Phi Island sports are offered all over the Phi phi Island resorts and tours can be arranged to get further involved if exploration is where you are at.. These tours are great exercise and include kayaking, trekking, snorkeling, diving and more.

Phi Phi Banyan Villa Gym

The Phi Phi Banyan Villa has the most developed gym complex with 700 m sq of cardio, weights, sauna, steam and dance floor facilities. This is a real must for those serious on their exercise routine and the coffee and juice bar offer a great place to hang out on the cool down. There is a daily membership to pay for going to the gym unless you are staying at the Phi Phi Banyan Villa but this is well worth the money. (Note guests staying at Phi Phi Hotel, PP Casita, PP Palmtree get a greatly reduced daily membership as the all these hotels are owned by the PP Hotel group.

Phi Phi exercise through tours and hiring snorkeling equipment

You can hire sports equipment, masks and fins which can be used for the day or for your entire stay. Strap on a mask and prepare to enter a whole new world. Snorkeling is a wonderful way to see things you wouldn't ordinarily have the pleasure of viewing. Phi Phi Island sports that focus on underwater adventure will open up a new world of tropical creatures and intricate coral gardens.

Phi Phi diving is good exercise

Diving on Phi Phi is great exercise. It is amazing how hungry you feel after a day out fun diving off the reefs. The weight of the equipment, the water pressure you feel on diving at depth, the continual movement of diving boats all ad to the sense of excursion and keep your fitness level on target.

Diet and exercise

Whether you prefer to spend your time in Phi Phi Island fitness centres or outside participating in Phi Phi Island sports, there is plenty do all year round. Phi Phi Island fitness centres are a fantastic way to burn the kilos you are certain to gain eating delicious Phi Phi Island cuisine and Phi Phi Island sports will entertain and excite you and your entire family.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2010