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Phi Phi Massage parlours focus on traditional Thai massage of the full body and foot massage.These can be found all over the main village in Phi Phi Don and require no appointment. Just turn up and choose from the menu of treatments and you are being massaged within 2 minutes!

The dominant Thai massage style in the Phi Phi Island massage parlours derives from the Wat Po school of massage based in Bangkok. Many of the Koh Phi Phi masseurs es have trained directly at Wat Po or with other teachers who got their training there.

Thai massage The belief that imbalance between the natural levels of energy in a body is unhealthy is a common belief in all of Asia. Imbalance creates too much energy in some areas and not enough or a weakness in others. The primary reason for Thai massage to is bring health to the patient who is being massaged, moving, freeing up or dissipating the internal energies within the organs, muscles and bones.

Stress is often seen as the cause of many of the problems. The many types of stress are born from our daily habits such as lack of self control on eating and diet and on emotional lifestyles patterns where we experience criticism, anger, resentment guilt and frustration, confusion

The balancing effect results in a calming of the mind and relaxation of the body. Most foreigners enjoy the massage for this end result and some fail to see the therapeutic effect meassured by the reduction of stress they experience from before and after the massage.

Phi Phi Island Massage Style

Over the years since 1992 I have witnessed many interpretations of massage style and part of the reason for this may be found in Wat Po itself. The head of Thai Massage at Wat Po will be continually developing his style depending on the finer distinctions he will find within in his art form. Also as the position of the head of massage changes between monks each new head will add to the teach style.

Massage Style on Phi Phi Island.

The inital massage style I had was by the mother of K Neng (formally a teacher of the Wat Po style). Her massage room was under the large banyan tree almost exactly at the reception desk of the Phi Phi Banyan Villa. Mama started in the traditional style with the patient on the back. She would work up through legs, then turn the patient on the side and do the legs again and back. Then the back then turn over one final time and do the stomach area. For many westerners this area could be quite painful.
The Stomach is rarely touched now by masseurs on Phi Phi island. I believe that either it is not popular at Wat Po or that the technique has been modified for westerners. (Westerners have a different eating style to Thai people who eat lighter food and more regulary.)

Now a days the patient starts on their back and the masseur does a full massage up the body including the arms. Then the patient is turned over for the back. Finally sitting the Phi Phi Masseur gives the closing or calming down. Often by this time I have fallen asleep.

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