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Phi Phi Island recreation makes spending your holiday in Phi Phi fun and enjoyable. Football in Phi Phi Island is a popular sport enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Three or four times a year Phi Phi Island recreation teams host a traditional Island-style football tournament.

Local Phi Phi Island people play football and it is thrilling sport to watch. Crowds light up with enthusiasm and cheers can be heard around the villages of Phi Phi! During these football tournaments, 15 teams compete to win title of best team of all football in Phi Phi Island! The football in Phi Phi Island tournaments last ten days, and they are days filled with crazy excitement! The games get really interesting as as with all small communities a lot of prestige is at stake. Gambling can be quiet serious as the sponsors of the teams wager large sums to be able to swagger the most.

Football in Phi Phi Island is part of the easy life of Phi Phi Island everyone can appreciate. Kids as well as adults enjoy the sport of football and while visiting this Island, you many find small children kicking around footballs in the street, looking for willing participants to start up a game! Football in Phi Phi Island is a common way to unwind after a day of work. Like much of Phi Phi Island recreation, football in Phi Phi Island offers fun as well as great exercise.

If standing on the sidelines is more your pace, you will find that watching football in Phi Phi Island is as much fun as playing it. Even if you are not a sports fan by nature, it is difficult not to get caught up in the passion and enthusiasm of football in Phi Phi Island. But football in Phi Phi Island isn't the only activity that will get your blood pumping. Other Phi Phi Island recreation activities include snorkeling, fishing, boating, scuba diving, kayaking, backpacking, swimming and more! You'll find Phi Phi Island recreation has something for everyone!

Watching football on Phi Phi Island

Island people in Phi Phi Island watch as well as play football. The World Cup and the Euro competitions, Champions league is broadcast in resorts and bars, and football in Phi Phi Island is taken as seriously as it is in European countries! As with many Phi Phi Island recreation activities, football in Phi Phi Island is a way for the community to come together and bond over a common interest. Locals gather with tourists in The Reggae Bar to share Phi Phi Island recreation experiences and to view football games, drinking and laughing together. As mentioned before the Asian twist means there will always be a bit of friendly betting on the favorite team. Winners often wear their winning teams' T-shirts and become true fans.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2010