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Sergent Major near Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is an island for getting out side and enjoying incredible nature. 18 km of coral reefs surrounds 4 islands, Phi Phi Don (The Village), Phi Phi Ley (Maya Bay, The Beach, Leonardo Di Caprio), Bamboo island and Mosquito Island.

Phi Phi Ley is famous for being almost entirely cliff, but the mountains of Phi Phi Don are larger and in some ways more impressive. Bamboo and Mosquito are quite and remote.

Phi Phi Diving

Phi Phi Island is ranked as one of the top scuba diving destinations in Thailand. Ship Wrecks, underwater walls, islands, shark and clouds of marine life make this a divers paradise. There are many dive schools in the main Phi Phi Don Village (over 20) and here you can sign up to do many different fun dives on the walls at Phi Phi Ley and Bida Islands, on the submerged outcrops of rocks such as Shark Point, Garen Heng, Hin Bida, Hin Dot and a novelty dive site, The Wreck. Whale shark can be seen in high season though it is relatively in frequent.

PADI and SSI courses are available in most of the Dive operations and over the years Phi Phi Island has proved a very popular and ideal location to get started with the open water certificate.

Phi Phi Snorkeling

The champagne snorkeling tours of the reefs are less than 8 meters (24 foot) deep and provide an unending variation. There are about 20 km of reef and plenty of differing natural habitats to see the full range of Phi Phi Island marine life.

Phi Phi Kayaking

The cliffs provide shade, blowholes and magnificent scenery and the sea provides gardens of coral over which you paddle. This is one of the truly great locations in South East Asia to kayak.


Beach hop around the best reefs, beaches and scenery in style with one of Phi Phi islands favorite tours. Many want to go to see Maya Bay where Leonardo Di Caprio made his famous film "The Beach" as this is one of the island's jewels. However Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach and Nui Bay are close behind the wonders of Phi Phi Ley when it comes to beauty.

Phi Phi Sailing

Sunsail charters explore the remote and pristine of the Phang Nga Bay. This is organized from Phuket at the Boat Lagoon

Deep sea fishing charters

Marlin and Wahoo are just 2 off the species that hunt in these seas.

Last Updated: 01 Mar 2012

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