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Phi Phi Viewpoint

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Viewpoint Photo of the Phi Phi Don Islands

The classic Phi Phi Viewpoint walk takes you from Phi Phi Tonsai Village up a stepped climb to the coconut and cashew nut orchards at the top of the Phi Phi Don hills.

The walk can be tiring in the middle of the day so it is best to go at Sunrise or sunset. You can get a drink at the Viewpoint Cafe.

If you go further there is a more remote view point which gives you a view east to Mosquito Island, Bamboo island and Krabi. This extra 10 minutes of walking has a more dramatic view point but few make the effort to get there.

The viewpoint is a picture on more brochures than any other for all of Thailand. This is my favorite place on Phi Phi and to stay close to it you might book into the Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011