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Phi Phi at night from live music to Thai boxing

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Entertainment Phi Phi Style is often a simple affair where a good night out is often sitting on the beach with a glass of wine and watching the stars. Thankfully there are places enough to buy decent wines from Australia, South America and South Africa.

Hotel Entertainment

The Phi Phi Cabana Hotel has a light band playing slow classics every night at their Tonsai Restaurant. Their Jungle Bar down by the Loh Dalum Beach is a different appeal all together. Playing blues with a touch of jazzy tropical music the Thai band entertain. Funky.

Phi Phi Holiday Inn, Phi Phi Island Village resort have regular entertainment as they are in the remoter corners of Phi Phi Don Island.

Village Entertainment

At the Reggae Bar their is a nightly show of traditional Thai Boxing. Usually 3 bouts of this stylized martial art are stage managed but often flare up to the real thing. This often culminates in a open floor. Westerners challenge each other in a sometimes hilarious series of bouts where the winners get a free buckets of the whiskey to for their toils.

The Snooker Hall next to behind the Phi Phi Hotel is home to some fierce gambling and can make for some lively entertainment.

Karma Bar and Cock Fighting on Phi Phi Don

The Karma Bar down on the beach with it's scatter cushions, hammocks and long slow cocktails is a through back to the 70's in Asia. Their nightly fire show and juggling makes it one of the latest "in" places.

Cock fighting just behind Valentine Bungalows and up the hill is a macabre spectacle thoroughly enjoyed by the gambling local farmers. Loud shouts and cries of the gamblers usually give away when these events are held.

Phi Phi Clubs and Bars

Judging from the number of Thai and Western travellers giving out flyers on the streets in the evening you would be right for thinking their is a big bar scene and club scene. Travellers from the guest houses rub shoulders with the fun loving, top end hotels revellers, to make a jostling crazy kaleidoscope of a night of dance.... brilliant... Top dance scenes are Reggae Bar and Apache, Slinky Beach Bar and Dojo Bar. The Phi Phi Party Crew is also worth a look at.

Note; The Tintin's bar was swept away in the 2004 tsunami.

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2012

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