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Phi Phi Island Culture | The Phi Phi Island History of the Small Fishing Village
Phi Phi bay in February 2008

Like many other settlements, the Phi Phi Island history is quite fascinating. Phi Phi Island is broken up into two main islands: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Most of the history comes from Phi Phi Don, but there is some to mention about Phi Phi Leh as well. Most of the Phi Phi Island history deals with local fisherman.

The Beginning of Phi Phi Island History

Phi Phi Island history did not begin until the 1940's. It was really not that long ago that Muslim fishermen began populating the larger island of Phi Phi Don. These Muslims were the first residents of Phi Phi Island. As a matter of fact, to this day, the population on Phi Phi Don is still 80% Muslim. However, the fishermen numbers have gone down in size significantly. Soon after landing, Phi Phi Island history would change from a fishermen village to a coconut plantation.

The Phi Phi Island history of Phi Phi lei is quite different. To this day, there are still no permanent inhabitants of the island. However, in 2000, a movie entitled The Beach was filmed. While Phi Phi Don Village began with fishing, Phi Phi Leh simply has great snorkeling areas to view the fish. No fishermen have ever set up to live in this area.

Phi Phi Island History: Fishing Today

Although fishing is not the main source of income on Phi Phi island, it is still a major part of the Phi Phi Island history. Still today, male fishermen pride themselves as the best in the region. It may not be as prominent a job as a coconut farmer, but it is still quite popular. Today, Muslims remain the captains of all Phi Phi Island boats. As in the Phi Phi Island history, these Muslims still control the poorer island boatmen from the east.

Perhaps the Phi Phi Island history of fishing villages will be a thing of the past in upcoming years. The small fishing villages are quickly disappearing since tourism has grown so quickly. Although it brings a lot of money to the area, resorts and tourism have changed the landscape of Phi Phi Island history. There is no room for a fishermen if the resorts take up every mile of beach. Although fishermen will have to find another source of income, their love of the water will never disappear. Phi Phi Island may never visually be the same, but in the native's hearts, the memory will remain.

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012

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