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Phi Phi police and crime

Phi Phi Island Culture | Police on Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island is a tropical paradise that visitors love for many reasons including being able to enjoy their holiday without fear of crime. Phi Phi Island has little crime. Most of the local inhabitants know each other and crime is generally limited to petty theft.

The Phi Phi police department understand the need to protect inhabitants, businesses and visitors. Generally the police department is extremely personable and want visitors to feel safe and enjoy their holiday.

The Phi Phi police department reports everything to the Krabi Police Station on the mainland. The police on the island defer to the Krabi Police in Phuket, Bangkok Police, Marine Police and Drug Police if they are on the island for any reason. There is special tourist police set up specifically to assist visitors all of whom speak fairly good English, as is required to be on the special police force.

Phi Phi crime is minimal and the police department advises all tourists to watch their belongings and use their best judgment in order to protect themselves from potential petty crime. It is important to keep your valuables in the safes in your Phi Phi Resorts and Phi Phi Hotels.

Remember, anywhere tourists are there can be people who look to take advantage by over charging tourists or scamming tourists. Also remember that passports are highly valuable so always keep yours protected.

Phi Phi safety

Most hotels offer safes to keep your valuables in, this way you do not have to bring all your valuable items on a dive or to the beach. The Phi Phi police department encourages people to use safes when possible in order to keep Phi Phi crime to a minimum.

Though prostitution is prevalent in many parts of Thailand, since it is legal, it is generally not as pronounced on Phi Phi island. Always make sure if you are meeting anyone on the island that they are of legal age before you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Friendly shopkeepers keep an eye out for shoplifting so visitors are urged to keep it honest and enjoy this tropical paradise and not have a run-in with the Phi Phi police.

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012