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During the Tsunami that took place in South Asia in 2004, a tiny island know as Phi Phi suffered a great loss - the school on Phi Phi Island was destroyed. As a focal point of the village community it tool time before education could start again.

For a year after the Tsunami, the children of Phi Phi Island had no school. The children had to be transported to Krabi to attend classes. Now, there is a new, perhaps smaller Phi Phi Island school on Phi Phi Island, but at least it is home to many local children on Phi Phi Island who have been through so much loss and pain. The original Phi Phi Island School was an educational haven to 180 students. Luckily on the Sunday that the tsunami hit - the school was closed. Because of the damage, the school was closed for over a year after the tsunami. Thanks to the donations and support of thousands of volunteers, charities and foundations, the school is now open.

People from all over the world have helped bring back the new School onPhi Phi Don . The headmaster of the school is so grateful for all the help that was received in order to reopen the Phi Phi School. There is even a new evacuation route through the mountains set up in the event of another tsunami.

The Phi Phi Island School Children

The children of the Phi Phi Island School have written and drawn about the tsunami and about their lives. The book, that has a great following, allows these children a way to show everyone how they think and feel. It can be touch reading for some, because children from the Phi Phi School also recount stories about the day of the tsunami and the parents, family and friends that they lost.

Help for Phi Phi Island School

The Krabi Relief Fund has worked closely with the people of Phi Phi and other organizations to help rebuild the Phi Phi Island School. Initially, the fun provided for a weekly reunion at the Phi Phi Island school for family and friends. Along with Helping Hands, The Krabi Relief Fund made it possible for children to enjoy music, games and other activities that ended when their school was destroyed. The fund also provides money for scholarship so that children who lost their parents can continue their education. The Adopt An Orphan program takes care of room and board, tuition and funds for over 100 children between four and sixteen who were misplace from the Phi Phi Island School.

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012