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Phi Phi Island New Year

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The New Year holiday on Phi Phi Island is celebrated on April 14th through the 15th every year. Known as Songkran, it is marked by the people of Phi Phi Island roaming about celebrating -- throwing water from bowls, water guns and hoses - dousing everyone in their path. The foods that are served at traditional Songkran festivals on Phi Phi Island usually include noodles and rice and coconut rice pancakes, which are traditional food for this New Year Holiday.

The Meaning of the New Year Holiday on Phi Phi Island

The real heart and soul message of the New Year holiday of Songkran water festival on Phi Phi Island comes from the ancestors who started it to teach their descendants some important lessons. This water festival teaches the people of Phi Phi Island to come home to visit their parents and to pay them respect by offering a small gift. It honors Mothers and Fathers who have given their children so much. It also encourages the people of Phi Phi to visit and pay respects to their older neighbors. This is why the holiday of Songkran is also considered family and elder days.

The locals of Phi Phi Island go to temple (wat) on this New Year holiday to pray and give food to the monks. They clean Buddha images with water and perfume, because the people of Phi Phi Island believe that this will bring them luck and prosperity.

Celebrating New Year's Holiday On Phi Phi Island December 31st

Because many Europeans and Americans travel to Phi Phil Island to celebrate their traditional New Year's Eve and the New Year, there are always celebrations going on during this time. After all, it is another holiday and another reason to party Phi Phi Island style.

Most of the restaurants and Phi Phi Resorts have something planned. Phi Phi Island has excellent restaurants and what better way to spend a holiday like New Year's Eve dining on international and local cuisine out under the stars - gazing at the moon - and enjoying a cool breeze blowing off the water.

To celebrate Songkran or Western New Year, there are usually plenty of fun-filled events planned in many locations throughout the island. Clubs will feature entertainment and DJ's spinning music to dance the hours away until the colorful countdown that feature fireworks on the island.

Whether you celebrate the New Year holiday in January or April - who could resist spending a holiday on Phi Phi Island - with perfect beaches, great diving and snorkeling and lots of other fabulous activities that will start your new year off the Phi Phi Island way!

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012