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Phi Phi History

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Phi Phi bay in February 2008

The history of Phi Phi Island is an interesting story. Phi Phi was not settled until 1945 and tourist only first found the island in the late 1970’s. The island developed by the main Phi Phi deep sea pier at Tonsai Village where local families developed bungalow resorts rather depend on the traditional fishing and coconut and cashew farming.

In 1999 and 2000 Hollywood came to Phi Phi island in the shape of Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie ‘The Beach’ . Very soon after this, the mobile farm and internet arrived on Phi Phi which very quickly opened up the island to the outside world.

In December 2004 the great Indian Ocean Tsunami devastated the Phi Phi Island but from it sprung the roots of the present village and way of life.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011