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Phi Phi Hill Resort

Phi Phi Hill Resort

For a long time visitors to Phi Phi Island have complained of the difficulty of finding a website offering accommodation in any of the more popular Phi Phi locations for under 1000baht. They should visit the Phi Phi Hill Resort where large comfortable fan bungalows are available high season for 600 baht. Click on the photos, particularly for the upper restaurant, which must have one of the best views per baht in Thailand.

Phi Phi Hill Resort on a budget

Staying on Phi Phi Island on a budget is not always easy as hotels bungalows and resorts are expensive. The Phi Phi Hill Resort has about twenty 600 and 650 baht bungalows with sunrise views towards Ko Jum and the mainland, a similar number of 1000 and 1500 (fan v aircon) bungalows facing the sunset, the best of which have similar stunning views to the restaurant, over Long Beach, Ton Sai bay and cliffs and across to scenic Phi Phi Ley. There are also six 400 baht bungalows with outside bathrooms on the south west headland corner with panoramic views towards Ko Lanta and Ko Jum.

I paid 650 baht for one of the front row sunrise bungalows, the cheaper 600 ones being in the second row. My view was not fabulous, being tree interrupted (some front rowers are better), but I spent most of my viewing time in that fabulous restaurant. For my 650 I got a really big bungalow with nice deck, fan, hot water, towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, good insect screens, comfortable twin beds, some hanging space and storage units, big mirror in the bathroom. The bungalow was clean and in good condition.

Budget holidays can be best organized by looking at the free night specials pages or working out the best low season prices. Unfortunately Phi Phi Hill Resort is closed during low season and so you need do a bit more research. If you are interested in staying for a long period the allows you to save one night on all stays over 10 days.

Phi Phi Hill Resort better rooms

I didn't get a chance to check the dearer bungalows, but they were even bigger and most had much better views. The 400 baht cheapies were rather tiny veranda-less boxes with very clean outside bathroom facilities. And each had a view arguably as good as the best sunset bungalow.

You usually expect to pay a premium if a restaurant has a fabulous view, but this one was one of the cheaper ones on my trip. Eg, their large Changs and great banana shakes were the cheapest I found in ANY bungalow place, and I stayed in some cheapies. The food itself was good and the service fairly good (sometimes a bit slow) and friendly.

I didn't try their second beach side restaurant, which is located on the beach-end rocks at the foot of the staircase up to the main resort, but this is also a pretty scenic place to hang about. Ah that staircase, great if you are fit. If not, you will be fit by the end of your stay.

Note: there is a travelator type lift to haul your heavy bags up on arrival. If you have booked they send their longtail over to the pier at Tonsai for a free transfer on arrival, although you are expected to pay the standard 100 baht taxi boat fare to them for the trip back.

Phi Phi Hill Resort is located high on the eastern headland of popular Long Beach on Phi Phi Don Island. It is next door to the high end Phi Phi The Beach. Long Beach is a superb beach for swimming at all tide levels with good snorkeling around Shark Point the rocks on the eastern edge of Long beach. Black tip reef shark can be seen in the morning at the high tides when the they cruise over the coral hunting mullet and squid.

Update Jan 2011

The Sunrise Fan rooms are now 700 THB including VAT and the premium rooms are 2,000 THB till the end of high season April 30 2011.

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