Viking Natures Resort


Viking Natures Resort

Overview of Viking Natures Resort

As you get dropped off on the beach in front of the reception of the Viking Natures Resort on Phi Phi Don Island, you know instinctively you have arrived at a special place. You can kick you shoes off here and get you feet in the sand as the resort has it's own private beach and a stroll a few yards has you checked in. The setting is magical and as you turn round to look out to the sea you get a wonderful vista, Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don Cliffs framed by the aquamarine of the sea and pure blue sky.

The atmosphere on this promontory is perfect to chill out and take in the best of Phi Phi Island as it is set out of the mainstream travel areas of Long Beach, the nearest beach and Phi Phi Don Village but still be no further away than 10-15 minutes from a large choice of restaurants and nightlife should you want it. This is one of the big secrets of Phi Phi Island.

The night time fire shows and the candle lit restaurant turn your dreams to reality and then on to fond memories.......

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