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Phi Phi Island is a tiny island that is known for its beauty, serenity and tropical surroundings - it is not known for its post office. The Phi Phi Island post office as a tiny as you would think it would be. Primarily used for postcards (and you will want to send many of them) and incoming mail, you will want to use the Phuket post office for anything more substantial.

Postcards from Phi Phi

Many visitors come from large and mid-sized cities and Phi Phi Island is a wonderful respite. The tropical island is unlike anywhere they have ever been and chances are their family and friends have never been their either. Some postcards that show off the beautiful island are easy to find and easy to send.

Many holiday travelers enjoy sending postcards from this beautiful island to their family, friends and coworkers. Why not let them see what they are missing? Buy some postcards and send them from the Phi Phi Island post office and let them know just amazing a holiday you are on.

Your hotel or resort can direct you on how to walk to the post office so you can send your postcards. Like most things on Phi Phi Island, the post office is in walking distance to virtually anywhere in or near the village. The nearest main hotel is the Phi Phi Hotel and the nearest travel agent is Siam UK Tours.

If you have children at home, whether your own or the children of family or friends, postcards with a local stamp are great to send. People appreciate the exotic destination and stamp.

Note with regard to valuable items sent via the post office

We do suggest that you not even try to ship any packages or priority items from the post office. You should go to Phuket or speak to your hotel or resort about anything more important than postcards before you risk the package never arriving.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2010

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