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Phi Phi Don Island with famous Tonsai Bay aerial view

Some of the most stunning aspects of Phi Phi Island geography are its prominent cliffs and exquisite rain forest. Trek along hillside trails to reach fantastic panoramas of Phi Phi Island sites. Phi Phi Island geography is best viewed when you allow yourself enough time to enjoy your surroundings, taking in every aspect of these stunning Phi Phi Island sites.

Whether in the water or on land, Phi Phi Island geography will give you much to write home about. Exploring Phi Phi Island geography will fill your holiday with excitement and wonder, and give you a new outlook on life. Tranquil water, plunging cliffs and lush rain forest are some of the amazing Phi Phi Island sites you will visit on your trip. With so much beauty surrounding you, it will be difficult to tire of Phi Phi Island geography.

Rantee Beach

Rantee Beach, Pak Nam Beach and Ao Toh Koh are some of the Phi Phi Island sites accessible from Tonsai - a mountain featuring immeasurable panoramic views of Phi Phi Island geography. From these Phi Phi Island sites, you'll see the grandeur of limestone cliffs and spectacular views of brilliant aquamarine waters below. Thrill-seekers can engage in cliff-jumping at a number of Phi Phi Island sites. Get your adrenaline pumping with a plunge into the vast Bay below and gather a deeper appreciation for Phi Phi Island geography! Half-day courses are available to introduce you to the wonderful Phi Phi Island sites that provide climbers and jumpers with all the gravity-defying trips to keep your pulse racing!

Kayaking around Phi Phi

A great way to get acquainted with Phi Phi Island sites and know more about Phi Phi Island geography is to paddle around the Island in a kayak. kayaking is a fantastic idea for those who wish to go at their own pace. Phi Phi Island geography can be seen up close or from afar. With the sun warming your skin and the water gently carrying you along the Bay, Phi Phi Island sites are all the more enjoyable when seen from a kayak.

Remote Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island

Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island are well worth the effort to visit as they enjoy a quietness and calm even in the height of the busy tourist season. Hire a boat or take a tour, it is well worth the effort.

Settle in on a beach and have lunch before heading out again on the tranquil waters of Phi Phi. When the temperature rises, take a short swim and splash around in the crystal clear pools surrounded by high cliffs and emerald forests. Phi Phi Island sites will truly astound you and will remain branded in your memory far after you leave the Island. To experience all this and more, book your trip to Phi Phi today!

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010

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Phi Phi Don Island with famous Tonsai Bay aerial view