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Monkey Beach (Yung Gassem)

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Looking for a place far away from the stresses of everyday life where you can forget your problems? Look no further than Phi Phi Island off the coast of Thailand. Bring your spouse, partner, friends or your whole family to Phi Phi Island. You will see quickly why holiday travelers consider it a wondrous slice of nature where blue skies meet sandy beaches under the watchful eye of the sun.

In Phi Phi Island, turquoise calm seas will envelope you and transport you to an out-of-body experience. If you do not go in, you can always meditate upon the water from the comfort of a beach chair or on Phi Phi Island's many sublime beaches like Monkey Beach.

This beautiful island boasts palm trees that reach to the skies, embracing the sun, allowing you to marvel at their majesty. Phi Phi Island provides sights that you never see during your workday in the city. Phi Phi Island's many beaches, like Monkey Beach, provide the visitor a choice of where he or she wants to hang his hat, or he or she may go beach-hopping instead, enjoying the subtle differences from one beach to another. You may think you will be bored, just laying on the beach all day in the sand, but the many panoramic and pristine beaches that Phi Phi Island offers, like Monkey Beach, will leave you amazed at how perfect Mother Nature can be.

Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island: Weather

Monkey Beach, on Phi Phi Don, provides a place to unwind and relax amid tropical weather and ocean breezes. Nothing picks up the spirits like a sunny day, and on Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island, you can count on a sunny day, every day. The days on Monkey Beach are glorious as you view the splendorous coastline. Go for a dip, relax on the beach, and enjoy the tranquility that Monkey Beach provides.

Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island: Activities

So, you have lapped up some sunshine, and you are beginning to get restless. No problem. Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island provides beach activities that will leave you exhilarated and refreshed. Explore Ao Ling (Monkey Bay), where Monkey Beach is situated, by speed boat. Ignore the monkeys that appear on the beach and continue racing along, getting sprinkled by the sea breeze, until you can't take the rush any longer. Have fun in this water wonderland known as Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island.

Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island also offers many other thrilling beach activities. Try snorkeling to view the many colorful coral reefs that exist below the surface of the sea. You don't need to own any special equipment, as the vendor generally supplies it. If you are the adventurous type, try parasailing. This sport entails being elevated into the sky with a parachute while being carried by a speedboat. Water skiing is also available where, if you can stand on the skis, you are at one with the ocean and wind.

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2010

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