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The Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht, a 15 metre ketch and "Thailand's only sea Jacuzzi" leaves from the main Phi Phi Don Village and heads out for all the best of Phi Phi Island. On an afternoon that has all the glamour of a fine yacht and all the views of Phi Phi and Maya Bay, what better way is there to enjoy the islands.

The Phi Phi Party Crew have now teamed up with the crew of the Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht to create one of the islands best party atmospheres going. You will need to enjoy water as the Shangri-La Party Yacht is equipped with all you need for cliff diving, swimming, Jacuzzi time, tubing, fishing and snorkelling. However, if the wet stuff isn’t your thing, the sail boat is bursting with "Bangin' tunes", a great bar and some sunset views to be stunned by.

The Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht makes it's first stop on Monkey beach, fine white powder sandy beach where the monkeys come down to play and feed. From here you go to the Tonsai Wall to snorkel or cliff jump and then out over to Phi Phi Ley Island.

Phi Phi Ley is where Leonardio Di Caprio starred in the movie "The Beach" and the scenery is quite superb. The first stop takes you past the famous Viking Cave and anchors off Pi Ley. This inland lagoon can be explored by tube and there is a pretty snorkelling reef at the entrance. The party moves on to the next stop at the remote Loh Samah with it's uninhabited island and micro beach head. The overhangs hear hide vast schools of sea life.

And still the party continues on as the Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht sails to Maya Bay, perhaps the crowning glory of all Phi Phi Island's wonders. The back drop of this magical scenery, the rhythm of sea life, the uplifting tunes make for a very memorable day on the water. As the sun drops over the horizon you are invited to eat at the Shangri-La dinner, wrapping up a perfect afternoon.

And on returning to the main Phi Ph Don Village, if that is not enough, you are invited to stay on the Shangri-La Party Yacht after the tour returns to the island and settle in for some serious .........

Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht includes and needs

The Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht trip includes all drinks (yes that's beers, spirits and soft drinks), fruit and snacks, the Sunset dinner, and a western tour guide.

The Phi Phi Shangri-La Party Yacht comes pretty well equipped for all eventualities. However bringing a few basics make sense like a towel, a change of shirt, beach shoes (for going up the rocks for the cliff jumping), and of course some sun shades for the good times.

Bring a smile and great attitude and experience one of the islands most entertaining and memorable days on the water. You might not know anybody when you arrive on the Phi Phi Shangri-La Party yacht but you 'sure as hell' will when you leave. The Phi Phi Party Crew have created something here rated "Brilliant".

Last Updated: 12 Sep 2012