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Maya Bay The Beach on Phi Phi Ley

Without a doubt Phi Phi Ley Island is one of the finest islands in the world for beauty and a outdoor adventures. Limestone cliffs come straight out of the Andaman Sea towering above any visitor who wants to partake of its glory.

Phi Phi Ley Island has many famous beaches of which Maya Bay is perhaps the most famous. Leonardo DiCaprio made a movie here called 'The Beach' and has increased the popularity of an already popular beach. Maya Bay is an almost perfect circular bay with a spectacular Sandy Beach at the southern side. There are two other smaller beaches inside Maya Lagoon that are well worth exploring and often a lot quieter than the main bay.

Maya Bay Phi Phi Ley Island leads through to the neighboring bay through a small tunnel in the rocks. At middle or low tides you can walk through to Loh Samah Phi Phi Ley Island and find yourself staring at three fantastic islands. Two islands to the south are the Bida Islands where most of the islands deep diving is done. The Loh Samah Beach is a small boutique beach surrounded by towering cliffs and makes a spectacular picnic spot.

Pi Ley Phi Phi Ley Island is a fjord like lagoon in the tropics. It's reef is at the entrance and at middle and high tides you can take a longtail, or speedboat or paddle a kayak 300 metres into the heart of the island.

To the north once again, the Viking Cave is a large natural cavern where the local people harvest the bird's nest saliva to make the famous bird's nest soup which they sell to the country's associated with China.

Diving on Phi Phi Ley Island is a great privilege and there are literally hundreds of different dive sites all along the walls of this spectacular Island. The divers often park then dive boats in Maya Bay making the surface time some of the most pleasurable in the world.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011