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The Magic of Phi Phi

Phi Phi The Beach Resort

Phi Phi The Beach Resort

The wonderful magic about Phi Phi island is its remote and rural character. The people here are different from most Thais, though still gracious and friendly. 42km from Krabi Province, Phi Phi Island is a rare getaway where you can unwind and dig your feet firmly into the sand.

The beaches here are bleached-white and very fine sand, usually backed by steely gray cliffs draped with green jungle. The water here is warm, usually air-temperature (about 80 degrees) and a shocking blue. Just layback and relax, Phi Phi Island visitors often end up with a black belt in doing nothing but if this is not you then....

Snorkelling, especially around Phi Phi Ley, reveals shocking reds, blues, yellows, and greens as the reefs here are prolific. If you are a bit more adventourous then diving or even learning to dive might be an ideal way to spend time on the islands. If this is not enough then the yoga, walking trails, jogging routes, kayaking tours might just keep you moving.

Staying on Long Beach

For a near perfect beach with glorious sea views why not try Phi Phi The Beach Resort or Paradise Resort on Long Beach. However, make sure you don't spend all your time taking in the laid back atmosphere on Long Beach. Go into town and treat yourself to a Thai massage (cheapest you'll ever get at 250THB per hour =£5=$8 in 2011). Subject yourself to the steep climb up to the Viewpoint and drink in the view of the entire island along with nearby islands.

Phi Phi Bars and entertainment

Unlike many small islands, Phi Phi does not shut down when the sun sets. Ton Sai is filled with bars and fight clubs, and there are almost always small bars and snack shops open until late late late on Long Beach; I always stay at Phi Phi The Beach Resort, which offers the best mix of quality and price.

At night, enjoy a moonlit stroll along the beach, when the breeze is cooler than the water (coaxing you to take a warm midnight swim). If you're observant, you might notice tiny glowing beads washing up on shore with each wave. This is some type of phosphorescent seaweed, and you can pick it up and smear it on your finger and it will glow for a few moments.

The movie The Beach

After shooting of the movie of The Beach on the adjacent and uninhabited Phi Phi Ley, the islands became world famous and the island has been under pressure to improve the quality of the accommodation. This has been done with many new resorts and upgrades to long established hotels on the Phi Phi Don. Long Beach has a great get away feel to it but is accessible to the main village and is why both Phi Phi The Beach and Paradise Resort come recommended.

When to go to Phi Phi island

In 20 years, Phi Phi will have continued to develop maybe like Phuket...large, glitzy, more expensive, so if you are wondering whether there is a right time to visit it must be now. See here information on Low season guesthouses and discount hotels to give you an idea of how to stay on Phi Phi according to your budget.

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