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Phi Phi busy season

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Phi Phi busy season

Phi Phi Island gets busy very frequently because there are very few hotels and resort on an island dominated by mountains cliffs and National Parks .

Phi Phi has few rooms compared to it’s bigger brothers of Phuket and Krabi and so a small switch from these larger tourist destinations means that Phi phi island can be filled over night. The off the cuff ‘let’s go and stay on Phi Phi island for a night ‘Phi Phi island for a night’ is very popular and heavily sold in the agents on the mainland. Phuket has 25 times more rooms than Phi Phi island and Krabi has 15 times the number of rooms.

These means that the island can be full and busy for long stretches of the Phi Phi high season which is October to mid May. There are other super peak seasons where bookings make the island full before the walk in guest arrive off the ferries. These are the times to book ahead.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011