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Phi Phi Island weather in December 2010 and January 2011

Weather, Koh Phi Phi
Ooking Back On The West Coast Of Phi Phi Ley Island

The weather on Phi Phi Island during Peak season is some of the best it gets. Imagine golden sunny days, you and a cool drink down by the beach sitting on the sand in paradise.... now you have the Peak Season on Phi Phi.

The weather is dominated by a northerly wind that brings cool (for the tropics) and dry air down from the mainland of Asia. The temperatures are a perfect 32-34 during the day and a very pleasant 22-26 degrees at night. Often the sun is perfect and the visibility very clear after the end of the rainy season 2 months earlier. At night the stars vie with the squid boat lights out at sea to create the perfect evening tropical experience.

The Peak season is December 20th to January 20th and is defined by the hotels raise their prices as the island is full to capacity. Holiday makers range from families with school kids, couples on romantic trips, party goers and travellers. The beaches

are great, the bars

and Phi Phi Restaurants are full... it really is a good time to see Phi Phi Island.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011