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Phi Phi to Koh Phangan is part of the monthly migration for one of the world biggest beach parties, the 'Full Moon Party'. Koh Phi Phi significantly quietens down as many party goers make their way across Thailand from the Andaman Sea Coast to the Gulf of Siam.

The Phi Phi to Koh Phangan involves a hop skip and a jump of a journey from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi Town by ferry, a bus to Donsak. From Donsak the ferry goes to Samui (Lipanoi). Once there you take the bus across the island to Big Buddha Pier for your Haad Rin Queen ferry to Haad Rin West, Koh Phangan. Haad Rin West is the start of the village where there is a lot of accommodation and it is 400 meters away at Haad Rin East where the full moon party takes place.

Phi Phi to Koh Phangan timetable

The Phi Phi to Koh Phangan timetable means an early start on Phi Phi. Thankfully there are many good coffee shops down near the pier to catch the 9.00 am ferry to Krabi Town. Arriving at Krabi at 10.30 you have time to catch the 11.00 am ferry to the east coast of Thailand and the pier at Donsak. The joint ticket keeps you going from one transport to the next with each new transport waiting for the previous one to arrive. Finally you arrive at Haad Rin West at 17.30 pm, just in time to check into your accommodation and get down to Haad Rin East for the start of the evening.

Phi Phi to Koh Phangan schedule

Phi Phi to Koh Phangan schedule is all year every day. Even in the height of the monsoon winds the ferries run from Phi Phi To Krabi, Donsak to Samui, and Big Buddha Pier to Haad Rin West.. The Full moon party dates give a specific day but the party is for 3 days around this full moon moment. On top of this Koh Phangan resorts and hostel demand that you stay 5 days for one booking so you need to book ahead to ensure you don’t get forced into prices you don’t want to pay. The Koh Phangan Hotel link might be of use here.

Some find the route Phi Phi to Krabi too good a chance to miss so they stop off at Krabi and enjoy the wonderful nature and relaxing atmosphere of one of Thailand's least explored provinces.

Similarly the Phi Phi to Koh Phangan route throws you on the shores of Koh Samui which a has a unique and interesting culture and some wonderful budget resorts to while a way in paradise.

For those not traveling Phi Phi to Koh Phangan, Phi Phi celebrates the full moon party in it's own inimitable style down on Loh Dalum Beach at bars like Apache Bar, Slinkies Beach Bar, and the Rolling Stone Bar. Though nothing in dimension compared to the full moon party in Koh Phangan, the nights do go off in a roaring fashion.

Phi Phi to Koh Phangan by plane

The Phi Phi to Koh Phangan by plane option takes a similar amount of time as going overland because you need to get the 1 hour 30 minute ferry from Phi Phi to Phuket and then get a 40 minute taxi to Phuket International Airport. From their you catch the flight to Koh Samui as Koh Phangan has no airport. Then a 10 minute taxi gets you to the ferry at Big Buddha Pier and from there to Haad Rin West. So even though it is more comfortable it is still a long process and primarily misses out the bus trips across Thailand and Samui and the ferry to Samui.

Last Updated: 11 Jun 2012

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