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Phi Phi Island Overview | Living on Koh Phi Phi Thailand
Sea kayaks on a beach ion the Phi Phi islands

Living on Koh Phi Phi will fulfil a dream to live on paradise. Even if it is just for a few months it has got to be a moment in time that will always be remembered. The iconic geography of the island, the mood of the main village makes this a unique experience.

Living on Koh Phi Phi surrounds you with such unusual beauty that it is difficult to fully appreciate it until you arrive. The collective gasp from the whole Phi Phi ferry as you round the headland and get the first full look at Tonsai Bay lets you know that you are not the only one who finds the views superb. Jungle covered cliff scenery seems to plunge vertically down into the depths of the sea. The aquamarine coral reefs and white sandy beaches the only colours that disturb the deep blue of the sea and green of the mountain scenery.

The outrageously picturesque Maya Bay, Pi Ley and Loh Samah inlets are the headline beauty spots but as you stay longer you realise there are many attractions on Phi Phi Don Island, Mosquito Island and Bamboo Island that are equally fine.

In fact the longer you stay the more you see the island has to offer. The island at dawn is a very different place than Phi Phi at sunset. The busy village is quite different in the middle of peak season or low season. As the weeks flow through you also see that different nationalities and types of traveller come to visit in waves. You might get the island full of people from South African, another time Scandinavians, British students or travellers. Similarly people from the Middle East, Australians, Brazilians, Indians, Chinese and Europeans. All seem to be represented and makes for a true melting pot of tourists, testament to the attraction of Thailand as a destination and Phi Phi as a world renowned travel island. The only nationality not fully represented is the Americans as the time difference is 12 hours and their standard holiday time is short.

Living on Koh Phi Phi

For me, the heart of living on Koh Phi Phi is the area down by the pier head. The village is connected to the rest of the world by this one area and the concentration of life and action is almost 24 hours a day. It's a bubbling hub of travellers getting to and from Phi Phi, a collection of travel and tour business organizing tours, hotels on the island or onward travel, Le Grand Blue, cafes and accommodation.

Living on Koh Phi Phi diving

Many dive schools are located in the main village and many of those living on Phi Phi are part of the dive Industry. Dive Masters, Dive Instructors, captains and boat boys seem to be everywhere and a big part of the daily conversations seem to be about number of divers, conditions of the sea and what was spotted and on which reef. Many dive professionals take long stay accommodation in very simple rooms at the back of the village like the PP Valentine Bungalows where you have to go in and negotiate your prices for your stay.

Living on Koh Phi Phi accommodation

Phi Phi Hotel and the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel are the primary pier head accommodation but for living on Phi Phi might become too expensive. There is very little long term accommodation as all rooms can charge very high prices when the island is full which can be as much as 8 months a year. Many people get a foothold on the island by taking a room for a week or 2 and working out how to get a room by the month. The dive professionals get to the island 2 months before high season to get the rooms from the year before. Many take advantage of the Long stay deal for any resort hotel or guesthouse from hotelATM or for their stay 15 nights get one free to get the best rates and then move on from there. The Harmony House often has the lowest prices on the island.

Last Updated: 11 Oct 2012