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Le Grand Blue

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Fresh Seafood Paradise On Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island has an abundance of restaurants offering authentic Thai cuisine, as well as International dishes borrowing on Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French and American influences. Eating atop bamboo decks, under a midnight-blue sky littered with stars is the epitome of romance. Perhaps this is why Phi Phi Island is one of the most desired destinations among newlyweds!

Le Grande Blue

To experience romance at its best, visit Le Grande Blue - Phi Phi Island's most elegant and intimate restaurant. Le Grande Blue is located near the pier and features fine French and Thai dining. Many consider Le Grande Blue to be the best restaurant on Phi Phi Island and its cuisine is like nothing else you will find here.

Recently reopened, Le Grande Blue remains a popular destination for tourists looking for a night of sophistication. The Le Grande Blue building is a traditional wooden Thai structure, designed with chic aesthetics in mind. The restaurant is stylishly decorated in tropical flowers and images of Buddha. Modern and refined, Le Grande Blue serves tasteful food and boasts a wonderful selection of fine wines. Seafood lovers will enjoy the catch of the day and interesting, creative meals make this restaurant a Phi Phi Island favourite.

Tastes of Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island restaurants such as Le Grande Blue serve tasty dishes inspired by French, Indian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Some mouth-watering dishes of Phi Phi Island are the signature Phat Thai, an array of spicy salads and soups, noodle arrangements, Kuay Tiew and more. An ever-growing food choice all around the world, you'll find authentic Thai food in Phi Phi Island restaurants to truly be in a class all its own! Phi Phi Island cuisine blends the tastes of all areas of Thailand and Phi Phi Restaurants like Le Grande Blue give you an idea of what Thai food is all about. Prawns, lobster and crab are a delicacy you can eat everyday if you please! Seafood is boiled, curried, barbecued, steamed or fried and almost always served with tangy sauces and sweet and spicy peppers. Of the many restaurants in Phi Phi Island, plan on making a trip to Le Grande Blue. If you're looking for an impressive menu selection and a touch of elegance, this Phi Phi Island restaurant will fulfill your ever wish.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2010

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Tonsai Seafood right on the beachfornt of Phi Phi
Fresh Seafood Paradise On Phi Phi Island
Fresh Seafood Paradise On Phi Phi Island
Fresh Seafood Paradise On Phi Phi Island