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Pluto's Italian Ice Cream

Phi Phi Island Restaurants | Treat Yourself to Pluto's Italian Ice Cream on Phi Phi Islan

Pluto's Italian Ice Cream is a treat everyone across the world can enjoy. Ice cream is a common treat enjoyed by nearly every culture. Phi Phi Island ice cream is no different. As a matter of fact, Phi Phi Island ice cream may be even more popular because the temperature stays hot throughout the entire year in Thailand. One of the best types of ice cream offered on the island is Pluto's Italian Ice Cream.

What is Pluto's Italian Ice Cream?

Very simply, Pluto's Italian ice cream is created using Italian born recipes and traditions. Usually this ice cream includes fresh fruit ingredients, or pure ingredients such as chocolate and nuts. The main difference between Pluto's Italian Ice Cream and American Ice Cream is the type of freezer from which it is served. Italian ice cream uses a forced air freezer. This keeps the consistency and temperature softer and less cold than American ice cream. This means that Phi Phi Islandice cream can be served in an Italian ice cream freezer, but not the other way around. Pluto's Italian ice cream would get too cold and frozen.

Places to Find Phi Phi Island Ice Cream

Since it seems that ice cream should be fairly popular on Phi Phi island, there are some prime shops from which to sample the yummy treat. If you are looking for homemade Pluto's Italian Ice Cream, visit the establishment called Elite. There is nothing like homemade Pluto's Italian ice cream at Elite.

Another fabulous Phi Phi Island ice cream spot is located in the Phi Phi Island Beach Resort and Spa. It is known for it's first class service and hospitality while guests inside can enjoy luxurious amenities. This hotel is located on lush vegetation overlooking the Andaman Sea and white beaches and allows for true relaxation. Relaxation usually means a craving for Phi Phi Island ice cream. Here you can also enjoy multiple flavors of Phi Phi Island Ice cream at the Center Bar. This Phi Phi island ice cream shop contains ice cream with only 4% fat.

There is nothing like sitting on the beach, sipping a drink while you nibble a tasty treat from a Phi Phi island ice cream shop. Phi Phi island may specialize in excitement and beauty, but there is also a delicious selection of Phi Phi island ice cream to enjoy.

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2010