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Phi Phi Island Overview | Ko Phiphi Thailand

Ko Phiphi amazes and dazzles all who visit. If you like adventure, stunning scenery, and watersports like diving, snorkeling and kayaking then this is the island for you. The main island of Phiphi Don has accommodation and the smaller but more dramtic island of Phiphi Ley is home to the beautiful Maya Bay.

Ko Phiphi was made famous by the movie 'The Beach' which was filmed in Maya Bay on Phiphi Ley. Now in 2012, this is an important location of a tour of the islands. It can be busy in high season so the trick is to go there out of the main hours. It is a lot quieter in Maya Bay out of 9am till 2.30pm when most of the one day tour boats leave. Still Maya Bay is large enough and has 2 smaller beaches so you can often find your own space to enjoy the wonderful setting.

Ko Phiphi has some of Thailand's best Dive sites and has become a real mecca for those in search of great Diving or those who want to hook up with a PhiPhi Dive school and get a PADI qualification. The main diving is around the deep waters off Phiphi Ley and Koh Bida outcrops where you are diving between 15-30 meters. The reefs are vary varied with wall diving, outcrops, large boulders near Maya Bay, are seasonal and tidal. in 5 km of diving arounf Phiphi Ley you have alot to explore.

The island nightlife scene is mainly centered around the main village (where the ferries arrive and on Loh Dalum). There are parties on the Loh Dalum beach her every night. Most people start in the center of the main village for a meal and visit bars like the Reggae Bar and The Dojo and then head off to the beach (180 meters away) to places like Slinkies or Apachie. People dance and enjoy well into the morning..!!

Ko Phiphi beaches

The island has some gorgious beaches to take in. Although many come to explore the islands, there are an equal amount of people who are as happy hanging out, kicking their shoes off and sitting on the beach and letting time and the sound of the waves calm the soul.

Ko Phiphi resorts

Ko Phiphi resorts are primarily on the beachfront, as there is little 'inland' land. Luxury resorts tend to be in the north of Ko Phiphi Don. The 5 star Zeavola Phi Phi Resort has elegant and award winning bungalows and villas. The 4 star and beachfront Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island and Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa provide excellent and quiet accommodation away from the busy main village.

Ko Phiphi budget accommodation

Ko Phiphi budget accommodation is varied in price and quality so it's worth getting to grips with what is good value before you arrive on the island or you might be lumbered with something you don't want. Many backpackers are looking for a bargain when they come of the pier but in the busy times, all the good accommodation has been taken by those who have booked ahead. News travels fast these days, good and bad reviews are easily found so those with the time make sure their hotel, bungalow, guesthouses or dorm is available before they get off the ferry at Phi Phi Don Village. For more of the cheapest deals see here.

Last Updated: 01 Mar 2012