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Manta Ray Getting Closer At Hin Daeng And Hin Muang

There is no better place to dive in Thailand than Phi Phi Islands. You can fly from Bangkok to Krabi or Phuket Airport in just over an hour, and there, after taking a one and a half hour boat ride, it will bring you to Tonsai Bay at Phi Phi Village. Here, scuba diving with Viking Divers is always safe, always fun and always professional.

With the majority of the good scuba dives being no more than 30 minutes by boat from the pier, diving the reefs off Phi Phi Island with Viking Divers can be some of the most accessible in Thailand.

You may see some locals wearing Viking Divers T-shirts around the Phi Phi pier. They will guide you to the very cozy looking offices of the Viking Divers, which are opposite the Phi Phi Banyan Villa Resort in Phi Phi Don Village.

The Viking Divers work in a very sociable setup and go about doing their job with a personal touch. They are authorized by PADI (Professional Association of Driving Instructors) and the SSI (Scuba Schools International) to conduct diving lessons and offer their expertise to tourists. You might even notice an article about the Viking Divers and their adventures among the covers of your favorite magazine, since they have been catering to the needs of diving lovers in the beautiful Phi Phi Island for since the mid 1990's.

The Viking divers taught me in the comfort of their air-conditioned classroom and down at the beach in front of the Phi Phi Cabana Hotel for the confined water course. After we had done the confined and theory work we jumped in along with our instructor, into the custom made Viking Diving boat and viewed the tranquil waters around Tonsai Bay. We couldn't wait to plunge into the crystal waters to view marine life. On our way out to Phi Phi Ley to complete the open water section of the PADI open water course, we passed the impressive Viking Cave and Pi Ley and wondered what lay in store for us. We weren't disappointed and after we had completed the course requirements, there followed an encounter with 2 octopus (octopi?) for 5 minutes and watched as they changed colours and morphed in to the shapes of the corals. It was outrageous! High Definition sucks in comparison with the real deal!

You can experience the shivers while seeing a Whale Shark on Phi Phi (I wasn't so lucky but they had seen an 9m one off Koh Bida 5 days before I arrived to do the scuba course) or see the colorful play of tiny shoaling fish swimming in unison. However the octopus show was killer for me.. If you are a learner, like I was, do the ‘PADI Open Water Course’ but they do have the ‘SSI Introduction Course’ if you want to get into that. I didn't find out what the difference was as I had heard of the PADI system where I want to dive in the Red sea next year.

Anyway I recommend you banish your fears of diving with Viking Divers. " K-H

Enjoy the blissful coves of the Phi Phi Island to your heart’s content. Who knows you might love it so much that it might spark in you the desire to become an instructor yourself.

More Viking Divers information

If you are an advanced diver, ride the speed boat to the advanced dive sites like King Cruise Wreck. The Viking Divers can give you a detailed history about this 85 meter steel ferry boat that sank in an upright position, and still stands in its glory. Here vast shoals of trevally and barracuda swarm round the wheel house and add to a great sense of adventure. Other famous dive sites for the advanced are, Koh Ha, Phuket Shark point, and Hin Daeng

Advanced Courses offered by Viking Divers

Advanced Courses for qualified divers. The Advanced course offers deep dives, diving at night, discovering the underwater realms and how to navigate underwater. This course takes 2-3 days.
Emergency First Response.
This is a practical course that teaches practical skills for managing diving and non-diving incidents This course takes 1-2 days.
Rescue Diver Courses
teaches you how to tackle diving emergencies. The course teaches great skills of great use to your buddy and could lead you to save lives. This course takes 2-3 days.
Dive master
- As a professional PADI dive master you would be able to take people out diving anywhere in the world. This can take 2 weeks but this is an absolute minimum. The dive master course usually takes 5 weeks or more).

Images by kind permission of Viking Divers.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2010

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Batfish at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang
Manta Ray Getting Closer At Hin Daeng And Hin Muang
Manta Ray At Hin Daeng And Hin Muang
Whale Shark At Hin Daeng And Hin Muang