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Phi Phi technology has progressed further in recent years to make it a convenient holiday destination while also being off the path enough to allow you to recharge your batteries and enjoy your holiday while only being connected when you absolutely have to be or absolutely want to be.

You can bring your laptop to Phi Phi Island and use it at several of the Phi Phi Hotels, Phi Phi Resorts and Internet cafes. You may also be able to use your cell phone to access the Internet and use it as a modem if you have the right hardware and software in place to do that.

It is always a good idea before you travel to make sure the proper technology is in place and that you have asked any service providers that you need to ask if you will be able to do what you need to do rather than wait until you get to your destination only to learn that you will be unable to do what you are required to do.

If you are taking your laptop make sure your charger has any and all necessary adapters for International travel so you can use it when you need to. How nice will it be to sit on the beach watching monkeys play around, having your favorite cocktail while using your laptop? Is that the best office in the world?

Before going to Phi Phi Island you may want to load your laptop with any software you may need and look into services that will allow you to speak via voice without using a land line or cell phone. Services ranging from Skype to Yahoo Messenger allow you to speak to other members for free and both services are free to join.

Connected to the world on Phi Phi

You can now feel fully confident to travel to Phi Phi Island and be as connected to the outside world as you want or need to be. In previous years this was not always the case and people were reluctant to travel to an isolated destination like Phi Phi Island. Now you can enjoy the wonders of Phi Phi Island and have your laptop with you for when duty calls.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2010