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Walk through from Loh Samah to Maya Bay

Phi Phi Island Attractions | Loh Samah to Maya Bay on foot
Loh Samah Bay panoramic views

Loh Samah to Maya Bay is an adventure all in itself though in low season this route can be the only way you get to Maya Bay to tread in the footsteps of Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie 'The Beach'. But who needs to follow Hollywood? Maya Bay is a destination in it's own right.

Loh Samah to Maya Bay is an intricate route taking you from the deep waters of Loh Samah Bay, up through the shallow corals under cliffs to a tidal ledge. Walking along the ledge you arrive at a cave like opening that lets you scramble through to an inner lagoon. This tidal lagoon brings you to the back of Maya Bay.

From the lagoon on the Loh Samah to Maya Bay route you track through some dramatic jungle scenery surrounded by the cliffs of the mountains, along past the National Park centre, around the false back wall of the bay to a grassy and sand back beach. Over the rise you spy the majesty of the bay. You have made it to Maya.

Maya Bay must be the most photographed beach and bay in Thailand. In fact Maya Bay must rank as one of the most photogenic and used location for any one promoting tropical paradise. The jungle topped cliff scenery, the shades of aqua blue in and around the coral reef and the striking sands of Maya Beach make a picture perfect image hard to beat.

Loh Samah itself isn't far behind on the beauty stakes. A 50 meter wide and 30 meter deep beach is flanked by sheer walls. The only way off Loh Samah beach is the same way you came on, by sea. In the centre of the bay is a rounded cliff island, a worthy dive site in itself and all around the reefs teams with a wonderful variety of coral and marine life. Off in the middle distance (1,200m) are the famous dive sites of the Koh Bida rocky islands.

More recently a bamboo structure over the top of the walk through cave helps you get from Loh Samah to Maya Bay more easily than the coral, ledge and cave route. At the top of the walk way there are some of the best pictures of the bay showing a dazzling selection of blue hues within the coral reef.

Loh Samah to Maya Bay in low season

In low season, Loh Samah to Maya Bay is primarily done by the walk through though in many months the strong westerly winds abate and the high season weather allows boats into the entrance of Maya Bay. The June and September weather is often too windy for this trip.

Loh Samah to Maya Bay by tour

Many of the one day tours of the islands and tours from Phuket and Krabi go from Loh Samah to Maya Bay so that you can enjoy the best of both these striking beauty spots weather you are a sight seer, snorkeler or diver. Maya Bay can be busier at times as there is more beach for the tours so Loh Samah can be more intimate an experience. Certainly the quiet of the inner Phi Phi Ley Island on the Loh Samah to Maya Bay track is worth the experience. All the Phi Phi tours to the bays can be found at this Phi Phi tour page.

Last Updated: 18 Jun 2012