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Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach is one of the top attractions of Koh Phi Phi Don. It is isolated from the main village where the ferries arrive and most of the accommodation is, by a rocky and forested headland and sits under the largest mountain on the island.

The Phi Phi Don Mountain sweeps down from it's highest craggy point some 314m high. The eyes are drawn down through an area of cliff and walls and down further through a steeply sloped jungle covered landscape covered in a riotous mix of tropical ancient trees and vines to find the small slither of Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach. This dramatic back drop contrasts so greatly with the beaches thin width that the best place to view it is from the sea.

Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach also enjoys a coral reef some 25 m off shore that gets more and more intricate the closer you get to the towering cliffs on the western side. Under these cliff walls and around the stone fall areas, there are lees corals but often more schools of juveniles and the smaller reef species. Sergeant Major, Lion Fish, Grouper, Moray, Batfish and parrot fish are common but a whole kaleidoscope of marine life can be seen.

As it's name sake suggests, Monkey can often be seen on the beach when they come out of their hiding in the mountains. Here monkey scavenge for fruit seeds and maybe a sand crab but will take a banana from the tourists. It cannot be stressed enough that the Koh Phi Phi Monkey is a wild animal and devilishly quick if it wants to take something. Every year people get hurt from playing with them or feeding them in too close a contact.

Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach is known by the locals as Yung Gassem and for many years was considered just another beach where you could gather herbs from the jungle but of no real commercial consequence and this has given it it's special untouched remote quality.

Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach by Kayak

You can get to Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach by kayak on Loh Dalum beach which is the main place for Koh Phi Phi accommodation. You can rent them near the Slinky Beach Bar. It is just a 5-10 minute paddle (600m) around the headland to the left as you leave Loh Dalum Beach. Take some water, a snorkel and mask, a bite to eat and you will have a glorious day in paradise.

As you paddle out from Loh Modee you see an island which is at Nui Bay. Kayaking from Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach to Nui Bay takes about 15-20 minutes and is superb fun but must be for the fit. There is nothing to buy at Nui so you must take all your own provisions.

Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach and the weather

Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach is not exposed to the westerly low season weather as such but getting around the headland can be a problem if there are waves at seas. Check out the weather page to work out which month is likely to be good.

Last Updated: 13 Jul 2012

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