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Wang Long Phi Phi Island sunset snorkel

Phi Phi Island main village is an Asian Bazaar dressed up in coconut trees. The vibrant night life, the rush around the pier and Main Street, the daily charge of tour boats from Phuket to Maya Bay at 9.30 every morning, give Phi Phi Island a reputation as a lively place, but perhaps paradise lost.

As with most tourist destinations of stunning beauty, people and business flock to it. Ironically, it is this beauty that is the major contributor to the demise of it’s once Eden-like environment.

Good News

But all is not lost. I am here today to tell you from 9 years on the island, the quiet and stunningly beautiful exist in plenty. As with all popular national parks and unique natural features where people gather, walk 200 m away and it will be quiet, an almost unearthly quiet. If this is impossible, wait. All popular places peak and then go quiet.

Early Shark Watch

Breakfast with sharks seems an odd way to start your day but it is truly one of the more exciting adventures in Southern Thailand. If being ready at 7am is ok for you, getting out onto the water well before the busy time is the perfect way to see Shark Point and Maya Bay.

Maya Bay

If on the other hand you prefer a more leisurely morning, the Sunset at Phi Phi Ley is a stunning sight. The light and shadow of the sun on Maya Bay after 4pm captures some great photo opportunities.


Kayaking off Wang Long Bay is nearly always quiet. This is one of the least traveled parts of Phi Phi Don and with the tallest cliffs, blows holes and deep, deep blue sea is a must for the experienced traveler.

Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island to the north is rarely visited due to the mosquitoes. Take a boat on the southern side and experience the uniqueness of the area with many soft corals and clouds of young fry.

More places and ideas

I havn't even touched on the magical escape of scuba diving, Phi Phi Dive schools. That is for another article.

Other locations to explore include, Lanah Bay, Runtee Bay, Bamboo Island (north Side), Pak Naam Bay

Just get off the beaten track……it’s magic.

Phi Phi Island Tours

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010

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Wang Long Phi Phi Island
Wang Long Phi Phi Island
Wang Long Phi Phi Island
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