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Phi Phi Cliff Diving

Phi Phi Island Activities | Cliff Jumping on Phi Phi Island Provides Great Thrill for To
Courageous cliff jump on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island boasts such natural beauty including bays, beaches, palm trees, and cliffs overlooking the ocean. These cliffs provide the setting for cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island which can be done by both the natives and the tourists.

If you prefer to be a spectator, grab a chair around sunset with a cocktail in hand, and be prepared for a very elegant and entertaining show. Local islanders will jump off the cliffs right into the sea, against the backdrop of a setting sun. The arching backs of those doing cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island are something to behold. Their beautiful bodies obey their will as they perform cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island. Witness the lack of fear of these divers as they are like tuna swimming upstream while cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island. Listen to the crowd ooh and aah as they clap after each dive. Watch the silhouette of the figure against the setting sun during cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island. Marvel at what a beautiful sight it is. Hear the kids screech in support of the young divers.

Now, you are so enthralled by the display of cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island, that you want to try it yourself. You've witnessed professional divers, and you've also overhead some college kids talking about how they tried cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island. They were saying it was a blast. Don't you want your spouse and kids to be proud of you? Don't you want to leave them with a memory of jumping off the cliff as you try cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island? Don't you want to be adventurous and do something other than relax on your trip?

Your chance to cliff jump on Phi Phi Island.

You inquire at the front desk about when the hours for cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island are. The clerk informs you it is at 4 o'clock. You tell your wife and kids that you plan on cliff jumping at Phi Phi Island. You seek out the boy you watched the night before. He asks you if you have drunk anything, and you smile, thinking of the college boys, and then shake your head no. He shows you the pathway to cliff jumping on Phi Phi Island, and you follow it, step by barefoot step, to the top. You have reached the top, but do not look down. You plan on jumping, not diving. You look at your wife who gives you a wink and you jump off the cliff, catching your breath, in the ocean. You hear your family cheering you in the background along with total strangers. Cliff jumping at Phi Phi Island was totally worth it.

Cliff jumping on Phi Phi rarely takes you above 10 meters although there are some jumps of about 14m. Most tourists are jumping 5-8 meters.

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012

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