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If you need a Phi Phi hostel this might be the article for you. There are many Phi Phi Hostels in Phi Phi Don Village aimed at those who want to spend time on the beach doing things, hanging out with friends and not just whiling away time in their rooms. Phi Phi island is a place to explore. It's bays, beaches, diving and nightlife making it a 'must do' type of place.

Phi Phi Inn Guest House

Phi Phi Inn Guest House


Phi Phi Island has very mixed accommodation from luxury to hostel rooms suited for travellers and backpackers and makes you feel at home whether you are a high roller or on a budget.

The secret to this feeling at home is the island's format. Whether you are walking out of a Phi Phi hostel or a 5 star luxury resort, the predominant dress is shorts, t shirt and beach shoes. This means everyone looks the same in the day and pretty much, the same at night. Whether you are coming out of the luxury Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel or a neat Phi Phi hostel like Phi Phi Beach Front Resort you will be unable to distinguish people by dress.

This very 'easy, easy' style works with the southern Thai notion of 'Sabai Sabai', a Thai version of the Spanish 'Manana'. On Koh Phi Phi you are invited to live in the moment. Phi Phi is the final destination, you are not going anywhere else, so relax, you've made it.

Phi Phi hostel in Phi Phi Don Village

Phi Phi hostel dominate the accommodation scene in Phi Phi Don Village off the beach. Most of the beachfront is taken by resorts but there are a couple of hostel like resort such as the Phi Phi Beach Front Resort, Phi Phi Rimlay Resort, Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort (fan rooms) that come under the umbrella on a budget accommodation.

Inland Phi Phi hostels are everywhere from the cheap 'The Rock Backpacker' dormitory to the pretty Tropical Garden Bungalows. The White Guesthouse has consistent excellent reviews but has a price tag that goes with it.

Phi Phi hostel outside the main village

The Phi Phi hostel style accommodation on Phi Phi Long beach is Phi Phi Long beach Resort and during high season only, Phi Phi Hill Resort. These hostels make full use of the excellent and quiet Long Beach, the superb coral off Hin Phae and the world class views of Phi Phi Ley and Tonsai Cliffs. Further north and on the east coast you have the low key and by the creek atmosphere of Phi Phi Lagoon Resort.

The Phi Phi hostel list is extensive and they vary in quality greatly. The ones that can be booked on line and have good reviews get booked out early. There are some good hostels that don’t have the booking service but their prices will not be standardised so the prices will go up and down depending on the number of people on the island. Many Phi Phi Hostels 'are full' for over 200 days a year so the room prices increase greatly for those who walk in straight off the ferries. However this is still a very popular way to get a room and many people end up in hostels like;

  • PP Banthai Guesthouse
  • Uphill Cottage
  • Phi Phi Guesthouse Marine House
  • PP Nice Beach Resort
  • Viking Natures Resort
  • Harmony Guesthouse
  • Chunut House Resort
  • Phi Phi Bung Guesthouse
  • PongPan House Phi Phi
  • PP Aloha Guesthouse
  • RC Guesthouse
  • RS Guesthouse
  • PP October Guesthouse
  • Rim Khao Guesthouse
  • PP Town House
  • Pp Ingphu Viewpoint
  • PP Manay
  • and many more.


    Phi Phi hostel deals

    Can you get a Phi Phi hostel deal? The answer is yes. However 1. Do book ahead to save getting a very high price from walking in. 2. Look to come during the months of May till the end of October as the prices are between 30% and 70% cheaper. (During May, and 10th July until 20th August the weather can be like high season.) 3. Have a look at the Phi Phi Hostel Deal page for anything available. Sometimes a higher quality hotel has a deal that gives you a price similar to what you need to pay in a hostel. You will also see the Long stay deal for all hostels and hotels in Thailand with

    Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012