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Phi Phi nightlife is rather considerable for such a small island. The Reggae Bar Complex is Phi Phi Don's biggest night spot. It is an open air area with five bars and some pool tables. Carlito's is the island's hang out for Swedish tourists; you can listen to good music sitting with your feet in the sand drinking a cold beer or cocktail.

Phi Phi Island Nightlife

Phi Phi bars and parties
Phi Phi bars and parties
Phi Phi bars and parties
Phi Phi bars and parties

There are a very good number of bars on Phi Phi Island which offer a bit of everything, including reggae, jazz, and blues. Some of these bars attract the younger crowd with thumping disco music and big screen televisions showing Satellite TV and videos. For those who want a more mellow at

Apache Bar On Phi Phi Island

Apache Bar Phi Phi Island
Apache Bar Phi Phi Lazors
Happening At The Apache Bar Phi Phi
Big Nights At The Apache Bar Phi Phi

The Apache Bar is one of Phi Phi island's biggest bars and home to the party animal. On a big night the Phi Phi Apache Bar ranks as the party center for the whole island. The emphasis is on the dancing but the build up time is just as fun. The crowds start at about 9-10 pm and the Apache t

Breakers Bar Phi Phi

Wall Decor At Breakers Bar On Phi Phi Island
Outside Breakers Bar On Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Breakers Bar likes Heineken beer
Breakers Bar Phi Phi Route 66 sign

Breakers Bar on Phi Phi Island sets a first class mood for those who want a beer, bite to eat and maybe catch up with what's on in the world of football. As an all purpose sports bar, Breakers Bar does a brilliant job of making you feel comfortable excited and the way it is laid out, extrem

Cancun Bar On Phi Phi Island

Cancun Bar Phi Phi beachside
Rental kayaks on the beach at Cancun Bar Phi Phi
Beachfront of Cancun Bar Phi Phi
Longtail boats outside Cancun Bar Phi Phi

I first came down to the Cancun Bar during the day and I thought what a pretty little bar this was. It was about 2.00 PM and as the Cancun Bar is right next to the main Phi Phi Island pier, it had a perfect view of the day trippers leaving on their way home to Phuket Island. Two days late

Carlitos Bar On Phi Phi Island

Bar of the Phi Phi Carlitos Bar and Restaurant
Phi Phi Carlitos Bar and Restaurant
Beachfront of Carlitos Bar on Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Carlitos Bar and Restaurant

Carlito's Bar is one of the most famous places to party on Phi Phi Island. Carlito's Bar has been home to the beach scene for over 10 years and started being popular when it became the centre for the Swedish community on the island. Carlito's Bar has wonderful views over Tonsai Bay and out

Hippies Bar On Phi Phi Island

Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island beachfront
Beach lifestyle at Hippies Bar Phi Phi Island
Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island
Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island

Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island is one of the most popular bars and restaurant (Thai seafood) on the island. The bar is located at the Tonsai beachfront near the Phi Phi Villa Resort, directly on the beach. Twice a month, half-moon parties are held at the beach at Hippies Bar, where you can

Ibiza Bar On Phi Phi Island

Ibiza Bar On Phi Phi Entrance
Ibiza Bar Ko Phi Phi Loh Dalum Beach
Smiles and fun at Ibiza Bar Phi Phi
Beach party at the Phi Phi Ibiza Bar

The Ibiza bar on Phi Phi Island has got itself a very famous in the last high season as the place to be when all other bars are starting to fade. The Ibiza bar is right down on the beach, the famous Loh Dalum beach where every one hangs out during the day. If you go there after dark say a

Irish Bar On Phi Phi Island

Girls hugging at the Irish Bar Phi Phi
Phi Phi Irish Bar
Phi Phi Irish Bar
Having a great time at the Phi Phi Irish Bar

The Irish bar is a bit of a legend on Phi Phi Island where people meet to have fun and party. It doesn’t really get going till the afternoon after people start coming back from the snorkeling trips to Bamboo Island or dive trips to Koh Bida. In the afternoon sun there is nothing better t

Karma Bar On Phi Phi Island

Beachfront of Karma Bar Phi Phi
Karma Bar Phi Phi
Karma Bar Phi Phi
Karma Bar Phi Phi

The Phi Phi island Karma Bar is very popular as it is on the beach overlooking Phi Phi Ley and the Phi Phi Don Cliffs. The sandy sun kissed beach is a very cool place to hang out on the days when you are in no mood to explore the Phi Phi dive sites and remote beaches scattered around the

Phi Phi Bars And Nightlife

Good wine at Phi Phi Island HC Andersens Restaurant
Nightlife is brilliant at HC Andersens
The Top Shelf Phi Phi Island
Joke sign for Karma Bar Phi Phi Island

The nightlife on Phi Phi Island is really special! There is something special about the sunset in the tropics. It screams, "pass me a cocktail" and give me the best view you've got. Some of the bars down on the Phi Phi beaches have that classic laid back feel especially on Long Beach, Carp

Phi Phi Fire Twirlers

Fire Twirlers on Phi Phi Island
Fire Twirlers on the Koh Phi Phi beach
Fire Twirlers on Koh Phi Phi
Fire Twirlers on Koh Phi Phi

Nightlife is truly a "beach" on Phi Phi Island, especial along the bay near Phi Phi Andaman Beach at the Karma Bar - where tourists can lie back, enjoy serene music on mats laid out on silky beach sand. Many Phi Phi Island bars include by now incredible fire shows on the beach that include

Phi Phi Party And Nightlife Flyers 2009

Phi Phi Half Moon Beach Party Flyers
Phi Phi Island Black Moon Party flyer
Flyers for the Ibiza Beach Party on Phi Phi Island
Aswindum Boxing Stadium Poster

Phi Phi Island nightlife is surprisingly diverse and you can see many fires promoting a all the different bars and each entertainment all over the center of the island. In addition to this you can often be handed over flyers on the night that detail what's happening wear when and why! The

Phi Phi Party Flyers

Hippies Bar Phi Phi Island party flyer
Phi Phi Island Apache Bar flyer for fire shows
St Patricks Day flyer at the Irish Bar Phi Phi Island
Don't eat shark campaign flyer Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi is well known for its lively nightlife and party scene. To get a feeling how much is happening here, have a look at some flyers from the last season. Party's come thick and fast on Phi Phi Don Village -- the place with the most bars on Phi Phi Island -- to satiate the party people

Phi Phi Reggae Bar Fight Nights

Reggae Bar Phi Phi ringside
Reggae Bar Phi Phi muay thai fights
Reggae Bar fighter in the Red Corner
Working Up A Sweat during fight night at Reggae Bar Phi Phi

The Reggae Bar has been pulling in huge crowds for many years before 2000 and although there are many other fine bars in town the Reggae Bar always has something special going on. It doesn't matter what you do in the evening you must always check out the action on Muay Thai Boxing night. T

Phi Phi Sports Bar

Phi Phi Sports Bar beer pumps
Phi Phi Sports Bar Rules
Hanging Out At The Phi Phi Sports Bar
Entrance To The Phi Phi Sports Bar

PP Sports Bar is that the heart of the island's fund times. As you can imagine The PP Sports Bar is a great place to go and watch a game of football, catch the latest premier league action from England and of course the champions' league. All the other main sports, motor racing, tennis, g

Velvet Dojo On Phi Phi Island

Drinks With Friends At The Velvet Dojo
Velvet Dojo Bar on Phi Phi Island
Velvet Dojo Graphics
Velvet Dojo Mural

The Velvet Dojo took Phi Phi Island by storm ever since it arrived on the scene in 2008. Large crowds of people like to meet up here early evening to take a drink in very comfortable surroundings. The eclectic atmosphere, the smart modern design, the music, the sexy Bruce Lee bygone era ima

Velvet Dojo Phi Phi In June

Velvet Dojo Phi Phi bar In The Evening
Velvet Dogo Film Night on Phi Phi Island
Drinking At The Phi Phi Velvet Dojo
Nick Enjoying The Bar At The Velvet Dogo

Was this Brian’s birthday! What a night at the Velvet Dojo on Phi Phi Phi Phi . The mood was up the setting as always cool. I love that Bruce Lee 70’s thing they got going, it makes it feel... The Velvet Dojo is in the heart of the Phi Phi Don Village near Phi Phi Palmtree Resort , ju