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The most popular transports to and from the island are the daily ferry services that run from Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta but there are also speedboats (price depends on your negotiation skills) for hire if you're in a hurry. It's worth while keeping these times in mind when organising your flights, as waiting half a day for a ferry isn't the ideal vacation for most people. Also, if you are arriving by air please allow at least an hour and a half to get through customs and to the pier.

Rasada Pier - Destination Phi Phi

Rasada Pier to Phi Phi
Tour buses parking outside Rasada Pier in Phuket
Rasada Pier to Phi Phi
Rasada Pier to Phi Phi

Rasada Pier on Phuket is the main hub to reach the Phi Phi Islands. Besides privately chartered boats, several ferry companies use it as pier to get to Phi Phi. The ferry schedules are easy to follow and the ships generally run on time. There is normally a ferry in the morning and another

Speedboat Ferry Phuket To Phi Phi Island

Phuket To Phi Phi Island 3-Engine Speedboat
Phuket Town Speedboat For Phi Phi Island
 Phuket To Phi Phi Speedboat; Getting Ready
Phi Phi Islands Speedboat Near Wang Long

Speedboats are pure thrills and going out to Phi Phi Island with fast 2 or 3 engine machines is amazing fun. On a flat day it takes about 40-50 minutes to blast across the 45km from Phuket Rassada Pier to Tonsai beach at the main bay of Phi Phi Don in a ride that is very memorable. On the

Arriving On Phi Phi Island

First Sight Of Phi Phi Ley From Phuket Ferry
Koh Phi Phi Ley
Arriving At Phi Phi Island From Krabi
Phi Phi Don from the Sea Angel ferry

Phi Phi Island has the wow factor from the moment you get your first glimpse of these paradise islands. I have been on the ferries to Phi Phi Island hundreds of times and the reaction of the fellow passengers is always the same. If you are coming to Phi Phi Island from Phuket Island you

Bicyles On Phi Phi Island

Local mother with kid riding a bicycle on Phi Phi
Bicyles as transport option on Phi Phi Island
Tourists on the walkways of Phi Phi Island
Woman on bike on Phi Phi

Phi Phi Don Village is covered in small footpaths; they are usually full with tourists and locals on foot, but bicycles can be hired. A good number of locals uses them as well to get around easily and comfortably on the island or to transport stock for their shops.

Destination Air

Destination Air to Phi Phi Island
Destination Air plane with happy customers
In the air with Destination Air
Destination Air over a beach in the Andaman Sea

Destination Air is the name of the carrier that flies between Phuket and Phi Phi Island, the jewel of the south. These 11 seater boat planes do a regular flight over some of the more dramatic scenery in southern Thailand. It is just a short walk from the main Phuket terminal to Destination

Longtail Taxi Boats Of Phi Phi

Longtail Taxi Boat in Phi Phi Maya Bay
Longtail Taxi Boats Of Phi Phi
Longtail Taxi Boats Of Phi Phi
Longtail Taxi Boats Of Phi Phi

The easiest way to get from one beach on Phi Phi Island to another is by longtail boat taxi. These boat taxis go to/from all the beaches so it is pretty easy to get around and since many holiday travelers are looking to go to beaches or nearby destinations. To many of the hotels it is als

Phi Phi Cruiser Ferry Transfer

Seats with swim vests inside the Phi Phi Cruiser Ferry
Phi Phi Cruiser Ferry Transfer
Phi Phi Cruiser Ferry Transfer
Phi Phi Cruiser Ferry Transfer

The Phi Phi Cruiser Is one of the best boats going out to Phi Phi Island from Phuket. You get on the boat at Rasada pier in Phuket and take the 1 1/2 hour boat trip to the main village where you can see the main hotels and resorts. A trip out across the sea passes many beautiful islands o

Phi Phi Ferries

Phi Phi ferry transfers on the Sea Angel
Phi Phi ferry boats at the ferry pier in Tonsai Bay
Phi Phi ferry transfer full steam ahead
Phi Phi ferry transfer arriving at the Phi Phi pier

There are many ferries to Phi Phi Island and all of them head straight to Phi Phi Don pier except the Songserm boat from Phuket that stops up at Phi Phi Natural Resort in the Laem Tong Beach in the high season. The ferries are a pleasant cruise over some of the prettiest waterways and sea

Phi Phi Ferry Pier

Phi Phi main ferry pier under golden night floodlights
Phi Phi Ferry Pier
Phi Phi Ferry Pier
Phi Phi Ferry Pier

This magnificent collection of pictures of the Phi Phi Ferry Pier in the daytime and at night gives an idea of this impressive structure. It is now a well maintained infrastructure serving the whole island and making the tourist experience incalculably better. Before the new pier it was a

Phi Phi Main Pier

Main Pier On Phi Phi Island
Main Pier On Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island passenger pier to the ferries
Main Pier On Phi Phi Island

The most economic way to get to Phi Phi Island from the pier is by one of the ferries, unless of course your hotel or resort offers a free boat charter. You can take one of the scheduled ferries or you can charter a boat or take a water taxi to the island. Click here for a look a the Phi

Phi Phi Paradise 2000 Ferry

Phi Phi Paradise 2000 Ferry
Approaching the Phi Phi Islands on the Phi Phi Paradise 2000 Ferry
Limestone Phi Phi rocks from the Phi Phi Paradise 2000 Ferry
Phi Phi Paradise 2000 Ferry

The Phi Phi Paradise 2000 Ferry leaves Phuket Rasada Pier every morning at 8.30am and returns from Phuket at 14.30. A mini bus will pick you up from your hotel, no matter where you are in Phuket and get you to the ferry terminal in time for your ferry. The journey out is nothing less than

Phi Phi Transport Options

Snorkeling trip boat at Phi Phi Island
Old ferry pier of Phi Phi
Longtail boats on the sand beach of Phi Phi
Small speedboat for rent at Phi Phi

Phi Phi transport options are vary varied but are most interestingly understood by the lack of car or motorbike transport on the land itself. This is because the islands are mainly mountainous and roads are of little use. This ensures the Phi Phi transport options re primarily on foot, b

Rassada Pier To Phi Phi (2009)

Leaving Rassada Pier Phuket behind
Beakfast and coffee on the Phi Phi ferry
Inside the Phi Phi ferry from Rassada Pier
Tourists entering the Phi Phi ferry at Rassada Pier

The short 1 hour 30 minute trip by ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi starts at Rassada Pier in Phuket Town. There are a large number of ferry operators, offering boats to different prices (and at varying quality). These ferries leave primarily in the morning at 08.30 from Rasada Pier and make th

Speedboat Hire On Phi Phi Island

Speed Boats anchored on the beach of Phi Phi
Rental speedboat at Phi Phi Island
Speed Boat Hire From To And Around Phi Phi
Speed Boat Hire From To And Around Phi Phi

Many of the places to stay on Phi Phi Island have speedboats for hire. Most of these boats also come with a driver and all the necessary insurance and safety equipment. Half day and full day tours on single engine or twin engine speedboats are generally available.