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Phi Phi is a true party island and holiday destination which offers activities for every taste: if you come single, with a group of friends or as a family with children, the island has something for everybody.

Phi Phi Snorkeling

Snorkeling near Phi Phi Island in December
Snorkeling around the Phi Phi Islands
Phi Phi Island snorkeling
Phi Phi Island snorkeling with Parrot Fish

Snorkeling on Phi Phi island is a pleasure I have enjoyed since 1992. The shear variety, the unexpected, always give me a great anticipation for every new encounter. From the simple reefs on the mountain end of Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi Don to the remote soft corals of Mosquito Island to the n

Kayaking Around Phi Phi Island

Kayaking near the blow hole on Phi Phi Don Island
Phi Phi Don Island ocean blow holes
Phi Phi Don Island blow hole by kayak
Kayaking the Phi Phi Maya Bay shallows

Kayaking on Phi Phi Island: if it's not already on your must do activities list, pick up a pen and change it. Kayaking around the beaches and bays of Phi Phi is by far the best way to see Phi Phi picture perfect limestone cliffs, mangrove inlets, caves, and varied marine and bird life in an

Maya Bay Camping

The Beach at Maya Bay
Maya Bay Camping
Maya Bay Camping
Maya Bay Camping

Maya Bay Camping leaves a lasting impression on all those who visit the magical beaches of Maya Bay. Made famous by the Movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Di Caprio the gleaming white sands, the cliffs and jungle merge with the aquamarine see to paint a picture of perfection. Maya Bay

Phi Phi 1 Day Tour

Passing Koh Doc Mai on the Phi Phi 1 Day Tour
Thai flag and Koh Doc mai on the Phi Phi 1 Day Tour
Ferry to Phi Phi island on the Phi Phi 1 Day Tour
Phi Phi 1 Day Tour

‘What a day trip it was, going out to Phi Phi Island from Phuket. We were stuck in a town hotel in Patong, nowhere near the beach and was going mad about ‘the wrong place for us’ when we booked up the one day tour to Phi Phi island from the agent on the main beach road. It was a tough time

Phi Phi Cliff Diving

Cliff Jump in action on Phi Phi
Transport by longtail boat to the Phi Phi cliff jumping points
Phi Phi Island cliffs for jumping action
Vertical limestone cliffs for jumping at the Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are famous for their scenery, made of sheer vertical limestone cliffs. They do not only invite for rock climbing, but also for a fantastic cliff diving experience.

Phi Phi Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping around Phi Phi Island
Cliff Jumping Around Phi Phi Island (not For The Fait Hearted)
Cliff Jumping Around Phi Phi Island (not For The Fait Hearted)
Boy doing a Koh Phi Phi cliff jump

Phi Phi cliff jumping is a sport not for the faint-hearted. If you want to try it out, you can book a cliff-jumping afternoon at nearly all of the small travel agencies in Phi Phi Don Village.

Phi Phi Daytrips From Krabi

Phi Phi Day Trips From Krabi
Snorkeling on a Phi Phi Day Trip from Krabi
Phi Phi Day Trips From Krabi
Phi Phi Day Trips From Krabi

If you are staying at Krabi resort at Ao Nang, Railay or Klong Muang Beach you might want a day trip to Phi Phi island. This boats leaves Ao Nang at 8.30 am and takes you out past Railay, and the islands around Chicken island, Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island before arriving at the east

Phi Phi Hin Phae And Sharkwatch Tour

Longtail boat transport at the Phi Phi Sharkwatch Tour
Phi Phi Hin Phae and Sharkwatch Tour
On Phi Phi Long Beach after Phi Phi Sharkwatch Tour
Girl on Phi Phi Island's Long Beach

The Shark Watch tour of Phi Phi Island at Long Beach is a true classic where you can get face to face with the tame but inquisitive Black Tip Shark. The other really cool part is that you don't need to be able to scuba dive. All you need is to be able to swim. The Black Tip Shark are about

Phi Phi Island Jogging And Running

Oh Dalum Bay At High Tide
Onsai Bay In The Morning
Iew Of Phi Phi Ley From Tonsai Bay
Ogging Accross Near Arida Behind The Hospital

Jogging and running on Phi Phi Don gives alot of fun and pleasure to many who come to Phi Phi Island. Jogging and running is often seen as a lifestyle activity but there are many who just want to stay fit and healthy. Phi Phi Views are some of the most dramatic in south East Asia and to get

Phi Phi Island Views And Activities

Sea kayaks on a beach ion the Phi Phi islands
Crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea around Phi Phi
Beachfront of a Phi Phi resort
Long Tail Boats

Phi Phi Island is famous for it’s cliff scenery especially out at Phi Phi Ley where most this island is vertical. These conditions are ideal for those who like to snorkel in the tropical reefs, kayak under the awesome walls and or just cloud gaze and wonder... Phi Phi island is one of Th

Phi Phi Rock Climbing

Phi Phi Isthmus From The Base Of The Climb
Phi Phi Isthmus near the top of Tonsai Tower
Phi Phi Rock Climbing
Phi Phi Island View While Rock Climbing 2006

Climbing on Phi Phi island has been brought to international attention by the Spider Monkey Climbing company based on Phi Phi island . Spider Monkey Climbing organize climbs up the impressive Tonsai Towers at the end of Tonsai Bay. It is a 3 pitch route of about V Diff but has multiple rout

Phi Phi Sailing

Meeting a sailing yacht just outside the Phi Phi Islands
Sailing and yachting at the Phi Phi Islands
Sailing in Phi Phi and Krabi
Phi Phi sailing rentals and adventure tours

Many holiday travelers find chartering a sailing boat to get to Phi Phi Island as the most fun and interesting way to get to this wonderful destination. Sailing to Phi Phi Island is a way for your holiday to start before you even reach the destination. As Phi Phi and the Phang Nga Bay are

Phi Phi Sea Angel 1 Day Tour

Leaving Rasada Pier Phuket on the Phi Phi Sea Angel 1 Day Tour
Closing in on Koh Doc Mai on the Phi Phi Sea Angel 1 Day Tour
Phi Phi Sea Angel 1 Day Tour
Phi Phi Sea Angel 1 Day Tour

The Sea Angel one day tour from Phuket goes to Phi Phi Island in Krabi Province. Leaving your hotel on the west coast of Phuket at 7.30 am you drive across the island to Rasada Pier in Phuket Town and board the Sea Angel. The Cruise boat has excellent views of the islands surrounding Phi P

Phi Phi: More Kayaking Tours

Blow hole off Phi Phi Don Island
Suuk the kayak guide off Maya Bay
David in Maya Bay Hole in the Phi Phi Islands
David exiting the Maya Bay Hole

I haven't kayaked in many of the worlds most pretty kayaking destinations but the paddling along the cliffs of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley is something quite extraordinary and I'm sure compares with the best. Miles of vertical cliffs that plunge straight down to the ocean and then into cor

Snorkeling On Phi Phi Island

Snorkeling around Phi Phi Island
Lion fish and snorkeling guy on Phi Phi Island
Snorkeling between the rocks on Phi Phi
Snorkeling over the corals of Phi Phi

Snorkeling on Phi Phi Island is a brilliant holiday experience. My favorites are the north wall of Loh Samah on Phi Phi Ley Island where a huge boulder has fallen from the cliff above many years ago and has made a natural tunnel where 1000's of minute fish shelter from the bigger fish. Whe

Spider Monkey Phi Phi

The Spider Monkey Climbing Sign To Head For
Spider Monkey Climbing On The Wall
On Tonsai Towers with Spidermonkey Rock Climbing
Getting Ready Yo Go Climbing with Spidermonkey Phi Phi

Spider Monkey Climbing is the premier climbing school on Phi Phi Island, in the heart of the main village. Spider Monkey Climbing is well positioned to take good advantage of the main climbing routes along Phi Phi Don. The beginners route near at Monkey Beach Hao Ragoute and Tonsai Towers f