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Good Times On Phi Phi Island

Hanging out on Maya bay on Phi Phi Island
Irish Bar Birthday on Phi Phi Island
Backpacking from Rasada Pier to Phi Phi Island
Four girls posing at Maya bay

Phi Phi Island has a huge reputation as a party island in a cool place. There is so much to do for fun in the day with all the activities and wonderful sights of the Phi Phi Ley cliffs and bays, the bars on Phi Phi Island are a riot at night that it is almost impossible to find people with

Local People Of Phi Phi

Transporting goods by local longtail boat to Phi Phi
Local people unloading at the pier of Phi Phi Island
Local Phi Phi longtail boat captain
Local fresh fruit shop on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Don is home to many Sea Gypsies. As were their ancestors, the local people of Phi Phi Don are in their element by the sea and have temporary homes made of driftwood according to the season. The families who live on Phi Phi Don Island came from Koh Yai to the north of Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi History

Phi Phi December 2004 (just A Few Days Before Tsinami Hits)
Phi Phi April 2005 New Trees Planted And Re-Building Continues
Phi Phi from the Viewpoint in September 2006
Phi Phi Viewpoint views in July 2007

The history of Phi Phi Island is an interesting story. Phi Phi was not settled until 1945 and tourist only first found the island in the late 1970ís. The island developed by the main Phi Phi deep sea pier at Tonsai Village where local families developed bungalow resorts rather depend o

Phi Phi Island Movies: The Beach

Actors of 'The Beach' on Phi Phi
Snorkeling tour group at Phi Phi Ley Island
Tourist group picture in Maya Bay
Tropical bays and beaches in the Phi Phi Islands

Near Phi Phi, one beach stands above the rest: Phi Phi Ley. The island was the backdrop for Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Beach" and is one of the most beautiful and majestic places you will ever lay your eyes on. Much of the movie was filmed in Maya Bay, a main location for Phi Phi daytrips an

Phi Phi Islands Hotel Sports Day 2008

Procession during the Phi Phi Islands Hotel Sports Day 2008
Dancing procession at the Phi Phi Islands Hotel Sports Day 2008
Music and fun at the Phi Phi Islands Hotel Sports Day 2008
Phi Phi Islands Hotel Sports Day 2008 procession of employee groups

The Procession for the Phi Phi Island Sports day is always a colourful affair with teams parading through the main streets of Phi Phi on their way out to the school and playing areas. The main hotels, local families and Phi Phi Hotels and Phi Phi Cabana Hotel often have teams from their nu

Phi Phi Mosque

Al-Islah Koh Phi Phi Mosque on Phi Phi island
View over Phi Phi bay
Architecture of the Al-Islah Phi Phi Island Mosque
Al-Islah Koh Phi Phi Mosque

The Phi Phi Island mosque is a place of worship where most of the local Phi Phi population and other Muslims go to pray together. As most of the local residents of Phi Phi Island come from the mainly (moderate) Muslim provinces of Krabi, Trang and Surat Thani, there is a lively Muslim comm

Phi Phi People And Fun

The Reggae Bar with the best night life on Phi Phi Island
Family longtail boat trips around Phi Phi Island
Maya Bay in Phi Phi Island
HC Andersens Restaurant on Phi Phi Island

It's got to be said that this is my favorite Phi Phi gallery. Just look at the faces here on the pictures and you can see that people have fun on Phi Phi. I prefer the trips out to the beaches of Maya Bay on Phi Phi Don Island and for me there is nothing better than picking up a snorkel and