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Phi Phi Island recreation has something for everyone. This tropical paradise is 45 kilometers east of Phuket. It consists of four islands: Phi Phi Leh, Phi Phi Don, Koh Yung (Mosquito Island), and Koh Mai Pai (Bamboo Island). The Phi Phi Island sites on these four islands are numerous. You can experience everything from cliff diving, to lounging on the beach. Phi Phi Island recreation has much to offer tourists.

Phi Phi Beaches And Tropical Lifestyle

Krabi from the Holiday Inn Phi Phi Resort
Speedboats at Bamboo Island near Phi Phi
View along the beach at Bamboo Island
Beach in Bamboo Island National Park near Phi Phi

The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in south east Asia. Just a 45-minute jaunt from Phuket, these picture postcard islands offer the ultimate tropical getaway. Classic beaches, stunning rock formations and vivid turquoise waters teeming with tropical marine life - a perfect paradi

Bamboo Island Trip From Phi Phi

Bamboo Island daytrip from Phi Phi
Lonely Bamboo Island beach
Approaching Bamboo Island from Phi Phi
Bamboo Island from Phi Phi

Bamboo Island is a small island not far from Phi Phi Don; it has a beautiful beach, can be reached comfortably by longtail boat and even can be seen from the Phi Phi Viewpoint. Snorkeling and swimming from the beach is possible and on a normal daytrip from Phi Phi, several hours time for t

Lanah Bay Phi Phi

Lanah Bay Phi Phi from the mountain viewpoint
Tidal beach at Lanah Bay Phi Phi
Lanah Bay Phi Phi
Lanah Bay Phi Phi

Lanah Bay Phi Phi is one of Phi Phi Islandís best beaches from a lot of excellent Phi Phi beaches. Lanah Bay is in the north of Phi Phi Don near Loh Bagao and Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa . It was swept clean in the Phi Phi 2004 Tsunami and is in great condition after the clean

Loh Bagao On Phi Phi Island

Old coconut plantation on Loh Bagao on Phi Phi Island
Loh Bagao on Phi Phi Island
Loh Bagao on Phi Phi Island
Loh Bagao on Phi Phi Island

Loh Bagao is the name of one of Phi Phi Islandís best beaches. Half-way up the eastern shore of Phi Phi Don, Loh Bagao is a large bowl shaped perfect beach with two headlands either side. The back of Loh Bagao is framed by some glorious limestone cliffs covered with tropical jungle. The

Loh Samah Bay

Loh Samah Bay and its beach
Snorkeling with reef fish at Loh Samah
Swimsuit girls on a Thai longtail boat near Phi Phi
The cliffs of Loh Samah near Phi Phi

Phi Phi Ley, the neighboring island to Phi Phi Don, prides itself of one of Thailand's most beautiful beaches: Loh Samah Beach. Although the island is uninhabited, it is one of the most breathtaking to visit in a daytrip from Phi Phi. Inside Loh Samah Bay with its vertical limestone walls

Modee Bay Phi Phi

Palm trees in Modee Bay Phi Phi
Coconut groves at Modee Bay Phi Phi
Tour boat in the Phi Phi island Modee Bay
Modee Bay Phi Phi form the Andaman Sea

Loh Modee bay is one of Phi Phi Islandís quiet places and remotest beaches . However the paradox is is that it is only 12 minutes walk from Phi Phi Long Beach. If you take the path behind the last big Tonsai tree on the east of Long Beach you go over an easy track uphill for about 6 minut

Monkeys On Monkey Beach Phi Phi Island

Wild macaques on the beachfront of Monkey Beach Phi Phi
Monkey Beach Phi Phi Island
Monkey Beach Phi Phi Island
Visitor to Monkey Beach Phi Phi feeding macaque monkey

Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island, as the name implies, is a good place to see local wildlife. Macaques come to the beach to be fed with fruit and come within reaching length from visitors. Monkey Beach also offers many other thrilling beach activities, like snorkeling to view the many colorf

Mosquito Island Phi Phi

Mosquito Island (Koh Yung) close to Phi Phi Island
Bamboo Island And Mosquito Island From Phi Phi
Mosquito Island Near Phi Phi
Mosquito Island Coastal Rocks

Mosquito Island is Phi Phi Islandís remotest. Mosquito Island is a limestone cliff rock about 700 meters long. It has 2 small beaches that are covered in Mosquitoes at sunset and hence gives it itís name. The views around of Bamboo Island and Laem Tong, the northern tip of Phi Phi Don

Muay Thai At Reggae Bar Phi Phi

Reggae Bar Phi Phi with Muay Thai boxing ring
Muay Thai match at the Phi Phi Reggae Bar
Thai Boxing fights at Reggae Bar Phi Phi
Muay Thai fighting at Phi Phi Reggae Bar

The Muay Thai boxing ring at the Reggae bar on Phi Phi has a unique atmosphere. The large bar complex with wide sports scene, dance floor, bar games is dominated by a professional boxing ring dedicated to Muay Thai Boxing. The early evening build up is often started with a

Phak Nam Beach In Runtee Bay Phi Phi

Walking on Phak Nam Beach in Phi Phi
Shells and sand at Phi Phi Phak Nam Beach
Phak Nam Beach Phi Phi with the Andaman Sea
Snorkeling fun at Phak Nam Beach

If you are not coming directly by longtail boat, there is a walk for nature lovers to Phak Nam Bay or Phi Phi Relax Bay Resort. The path goes south from the Phi Phi Island Village Resort and immediately cuts uphill to take you away from the slippery rocks on the sea shore. Following a well

Phi Phi Bamboo Island

The beaches of Bamboo Island Photo Phi Phi Island
Beaches, Beaches, Beaches near Phi Phi Island
Remote Beaches on Bamboo Island
Phi Phi Bamboo Island

Located just northeast of Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island is a flat beautiful island with blending white sand and very clear water. Take your snorkeling gear with you because on the way to Bamboo is a beautiful coral garden called Hin Klang. There is also a nice coral reef near the beach. When

Phi Phi Bars, Dive Shops And Great Restaurants

Phi Phi Island Oz Dive shop
Phi Phi Island Book Shop
Baan Thai Guest House on Phi Phi Island
Baan Thai Guest house photo

Dive shops seems to be every where in Tonsai Village on Phi Phi Don. I believe there are now over 25, plenty of places to compare and strike up friends who have a similar desire to see the best of the Phi Phi reefs. Some streets can be quiet crowded between 7 and 9 pm as this is the time af

Phi Phi Don Cliffs

Phi Phi Don Cliffs at Nui Bay
Phi Phi Don Cliffs And Camel Rock
Phi Phi Don Cliffs Near Wang Long
 Phi Phi Don Cliffs Zipping By

The unparalleled beauty of the Phi Phi Don Cliffs impresses everybody who comes to Phi Phi Island. If you arrive from Phuket Island you see the vast walls poking up a out of the sea some 48 kilometers away and as you get closer these walls rise out of the deep blue like some fictitious isl

Phi Phi Don Village

Carpe Diem Bar Phi Phi
Carpe Diem Bar on the beach of Phi Phi Island
Back streets of Phi Phi Island near Tara Inn
Back streets of Phi Phi Island near PP Charlies

Images of Phi Phi island are not complete without some views of the Phi Phi village itself. A curious mix of cheek by jowl ramshackle tin houses, modern dive shops, clothes shops narrow streets this is a true Asian Bazaar for the tourist. Some find it too intense but many enjoy the rich co

Phi Phi Don Village On Phi Phi Island

Local curry house Phi Phi Island
The Patisserie Bakerie Phi Phi Island
The Phi Phi Bakery in Phi Phi Island's main village
Phi Phi Island The Patisserie

This image gallery shows you the typical shop type in Tonsai Village. Usually open to the elements, the owners sit or hang out on the side of the street. They do not hassle you like in some parts but will ask if you need any help if you enter. Often Phi Phi shop sellers are talking to thei

Phi Phi Island In December 2010 And January 2011

Etting On The Speedboat At Tonsai Bay
Eading Out To Hin Klang From The Zeavola
Aem Tong Beach Porters
Eavola Resort Beach Front Villa Room

Peak season is both the best weather and the busiest time on Phi Phi Island. Peak season is the time when Phi Phi Island is bubbling with visitors all enjoying the best of everything. The tours, restaurants and bars are full of people having fun and it makes for a truly joyous atmosphere. I

Phi Phi Island Lanah Bay

Lanah Bay on Phi Phi Island
Lanah Bay Perfect Beach
White sand beachfront of Lanah Bay Phi Phi
Lanah Bay Towards Laem Tong Beach

Lanah Bay is Phi Phi island's remote beach untouched by development and inhabited by a few sea gypsies. If you want to see Phi Phi at it's most natural state then is probably the best bay on Phi Phi Island to do that. I was last there in the height of high season and there were two people

Phi Phi Island Life From Reggae Bar To Restaurants

Oasis Restaurant Phi Phi Island
Tara Inn Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Princess Divers on PP Island
PP Princess Divers on Phi Phi Island

Variation, variation, variation. There is no one way of doing things in the village of Phi Phi Don Island. It's the Thai way, it's the Asian bazaar mentality that makes a trip though Phi Phi Island main village interesting and exotic. The tsunami warning post soars 40 meters into the air an

Phi Phi Island Nui Bay

Island off Nui Bay on the northwest coast of Phi Phi Don
Nui Bay
Nui Bay anmd rock islands on Phi Phi
Limestone cliffs near Phi Phi Nui Bay

Nui Bay is a dive site on the northwest coast of Koh Phi Phi Don. It offers a shallow dive and is also well-known for snorkeling trips inside the bay. Nui Bay is usually dived only on local dive trips or maybe on an overnight trip from Phuket. The western end of Nui Bay Phi Phi features a

Phi Phi Island Streets

Connecting walkway between the two main Phi Phi beaches
New walkway in Phi Phi Don Village on Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Don village main street with tourists
Phi Phi Island Streets

The once serene Phi Phi Island still maintains some vestiges of that solitude, however, the tourism industry has made sections of Phi Phi Don electric with restaurants, shops, cafes and shanty towns. Phi Phi Don Village is now a bustling little town catering for every need and taste.

Phi Phi Island Streets 2

Phi Phi Island Streets
Phi Phi Island Streets
Walking along the clear stretch between the Phi Phi Island beaches
Phi Phi Island streets right at the main ferry pier

Life on Phi Phi island hasn't changed much really in the last 20 years. It's still an island without cars where people come and go from the main pier in the main village every morning at 9am and 14.30. On the streets itself it is a slow procession in the heat amongst the dive shops resta

Phi Phi Island Viewpoint

Phi Phi Island Viewpoint view
Phi Phi Don Island half way up to the viewpoint
Phi Phi Tonsai Bay
Close up of Phi Phi Don Cliffs

Phi Phi Viewpoint is a walk, place and resort. The pictures below are taken from the famous Phi Phi viewpoint which is at the top of the eastern part of Phi Phi Don. This viewpoint shows Lodalum Bay, Tonsai Bay, and the Phi Phi Don cliffs. The walk to the top takes between 20 minutes if y

Phi Phi Islands Aerial Views

James Bond Island (Koh Tapu)
Aerial picture of Koh Khai (Egg Island)
Aerial picture of the sea gypsy village in Phang Nga Bay
Phi Phi Don Island with famous Tonsai Bay aerial view

The aerial pictures below show why this is one of the most beautiful part of the world to visit. If you were a bird you would see the Phi Phi islands like this. There are over 100 islands with limestone cliffs like the Phi Phi islands less than 60km from Phi Phi. The pictures 2, 3, 4, 8,

Phi Phi Laem Tong

Beach in front of Zeavola Phi Phi Island
Beach at the Phi Phi Natural Resort
Laem Tong Beach from PP Natural Resort
Supply boat for Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Island

The northern part of Phi Phi Don Island is Laem Tong. This quiet end of the island has beautiful beaches, a sleepy village and 3 places to stay, the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi, Phi Phi Island Village and Phi Phi Natural Resort. Originally home to a large Sea Gypsy community it has a sea w

Phi Phi Ley

Phi Phi Ley Diving
Phi Phi Ley From The Phuket Ferry
Phi Phi Ley Kayaking
Phi Phi Ley Island Remote Dive Sites

Without a doubt Phi Phi Ley Island is one of the finest islands in the world for beauty and a outdoor adventures. Limestone cliffs come straight out of the Andaman Sea towering above any visitor who wants to partake of its glory. Phi Phi Ley Island has many famous beaches of which Maya Ba

Phi Phi Loh Dalum

Beach babes on Phi Phi Island
Loh Dalum along the beach Phi Phi Island
Loh Dalum Beach from Viewpont Resort Phi Phi

Many people have asked me where the cool beach is on Phi Phi Island and I must say it's Loh Dalum in Tonsai Village. This is the opposite side to the pier bay of Tonsai bay but only 150 meters from it, an easy stroll through the village with its shops and resorts. There are many hotels in

Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay

Calm evening waters at Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum bay has an extraordinarily beautiful view out to sea towards the north of Phi Phi Don. Loh Dalum is a long sweeping sandy beach which is highly popular with tourists staying in the main Phi Phi Village. Tourists laze on the soft sand, sunbath and generally take in beach life. The

Phi Phi Long Beach

Arriving at Phi Phi Long Beach by Longtail boat
Bamboo Hut accommodation on Long Beach
Falcon flying low at Phi Phi Long Beach
Stormy monsoon day on Phi Phi Long Beach

Long Beach is 8 minutes by longtail boat away from Phi Phi Don Village Pier on Phi Phi Island. This transfer can be arranged easily from the pier, but most hotels on Long Beach have free pickup organized as part of an advance booking. There are many resorts offering bungalow and hotel acco

Phi Phi Maya Bay

Maya Bay Phi Phi Island, the best beach in the world
Maya Bay kayaking Phi Phi Island
Pablo's picture in Maya Bay

Some people come to Phi Phi Island just to see this one place. Maya Bay was used to shoot the movie, "The Beach" starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Having a look from afar at the scenery already from the main Phi Phi ferry transfer from Phuket to Phi Phi it is easily understandable why Maya Bay

Phi Phi National Park

Girls on the beach in Phi Phi National Park (Maya Bay)
Beautiful beaches in the Phi Phi National Park
Tropical beach in the Phi Phi Marine National Park
Phi Phi National Park (Maya Bay)

The Phi Phi Islands are part of a marine national park located southwest of Krabi. Most famous is Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley, the smaller uninhabited cousin to Phi Phi Don, where all the hotel accommodation is located. It can be easily reached by longtail boat trip or with an organized daytri

Phi Phi Sights By Blue View Divers

Maya Bay Phi Phi
Phi Phi Pier Tonsai Bay
Nui Bay on Phi Phi

Phi Phi is an amazing place, from the dramatic limestone cliffs to the friendly people, it is easy to see why so many people want to come and experience the beauty of the islands. The islands are nestled in the Andaman Sea, and are found just over an hours ferry ride from Phuket and Krabi

Phi Phi Viewpoint

Viewpoint Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island from the famous Viewpoint
Viewpoint towards Phi Phi Don cliffs
Phi Phi Island 2004

The classic Phi Phi Viewpoint walk takes you from Phi Phi Tonsai Village up a stepped climb to the coconut and cashew nut orchards at the top of the Phi Phi Don hills. The walk can be tiring in the middle of the day so it is best to go at Sunrise or sunset. You can get a drink at the Viewp

Phi Phi Viking Cave

Viking Cave in the cliff face of Phi Phi Ley Island
Girls visiting Viking Cave Phi Phi
Viking Cave Phi Phi
Viking Cave Phi Phi

The Viking Cave Phi Phi Island is perhaps one of the largest tourist draws in the area. It has everything a visitor could want: beauty, history, relaxation, and adventure. It is also just a short longtail ride from the Phi Phi main pier, with a daytrip or tour easily arranged from there.

Phi Phi: More Laem Tong

Laem Tong Beach under umbrellas
Best sunrise in Thailand at the Phi Phi Islands
Laem Tong at low tide on Phi Phi Island
Laem Tong sea gypsy village on Phi Phi Island

The northern part of Phi Phi Don Island is Laem Tong. This quiet end of the island has beautiful beaches, a sleepy village and 3 places to stay, the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi, Phi Phi Island Village and Phi Phi Natural Resort. Originally home to a large sea Gypsy community it has a sea wi

Tonsai Bay On Phi Phi Island

Tonsai Bay from one of the restuarants on the beachfront
Tonsai Bay from the main beach walkway on Phi Phi
View over Tonsai Bay from the Phi Phi Viewpoint
Overlooking panoramic Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi Island

The cliffs of Tonsai through to the golden sands of Long Beach create an awe-inspiring spectacle. Tonsai Bay stretches along a 2km wall of cliffs round to the man village which is a 2 km wide beach, which as it heads east is interrupted with headlands and smaller beaches. Numerous Phi Phi

Tonsai Bay Phi Phi

Tonsai Bay Sands on Phi Phi
Phi Phi Don Restaurant Tonsai Bay Phi Phi (7)
Chao Koh Restaurant Tonsai Bay Phi Phi
Banyan Hotel in Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi

If you visit Phi Phi Island you must visit Tonsai Bay. It is an old clichť but Tonsai Bay is one of the most magnificent bays in the world. A broad sweep of golden yellow sand runs from Long Beach past for the 3 promentaries to the foot of the cliffs but at PP Don. This really is an exce

Tonsai Village On Phi Phi Island

Marlins statue near the Aquanauts Scuba Dive Center
Tonsai Sea Food at the Phi Phi Banyan Villa Resort
Phi Phi Island HC Andersens ready for business
JJ Bar Phi Phi Island

The Tonsai Village on Phi Phi Don Island has the atmosphere of a Bazaar in Asia. "Anything seems to go" and so although the island's back streets have smartened up since the terrible events of the tsunami there is still very much a pioneer spirit amongst the local people living in the vil

Wang Long Beach Phi Phi

Wang Long Phi Phi Island
Wang Long Phi Phi Island
Wang Long Phi Phi Island
Wang Long Phi Phi Island

Wang Long Bay is one of the quietest parts of Phi Phi, and very little visited, even though it comprises of stunning natural beauty. Kayaking off Wang Long Bay is nearly always quiet. This is one of the least traveled parts of Phi Phi Don and with the tallest cliffs, blows holes and deep,

Wang Long Cave Phi Phi

Wang Long Bay Phi Phi
Kayaking at Wang Long on Phi Phi Island
Kayaking trip to Phi Phi Wang Long
Wang Long Cave Phi Phi

Wang Long Bay and Cave is one of the more remote inlets on Phi Phi island and real joy to visit in high season . In Phi Phi low season this inlet is exposed to the main westerly monsoon winds and makes access impossible when the wind is up. On a calm day this inlet is pure perfection as

Yong Gasem Bay (Phi Phi Monkey Beach)

Daytrip to Yong Gasem Bay Phi Phi
Tour boat in Yong Gasem Bay Phi Phi
Monkey Beach or Yong Gasem Bay on Phi Phi
Tropical Monkey Beach in the Phi Phi Islands

Yong Gasem Bay is popularly also known as Monkey Beach, because a herd of Macaque monkeys comes regularly out of the surrounding cliffs to visit the beach. The monkeys are not frightened by tourists and let themselves readily be fed with fruit. But to note: these animals are not tame; do